SPAWN OF POSSESSION Entire New Album Streaming; Record To See Release Next Week

Undoubtedly being perceived as one of the most mind-blowing extreme releases of 2012 by international metal media outlets, SPAWN OF POSSESSION‘s third full-length album Incurso will finally be available for public consumption in North America next Tuesday, March 13th. The mind-boggling high-speed attack of Incurso remains as epic and smooth-flowing as it is technically brilliant and unabashedly heavier than hell over the entire course of its near hour-long lifespan, and is unarguably the most professional recording in the heralded Swedish outfit’s ongoing lineage.

To help propagate the pending release of the stellar new LP the diehard ‘bangers over at MetalSucks have today published a stream of the entire Incurso experience, AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE.

Featuring current and former members of Necrophagist and Obscura, Incurso is the first album to be unleashed from SPAWN OF POSSESSION in over five years, and the band’s first for Relapse Records. The legion’s first tour in support of Incurso begins this Friday, March 9th, and will terrify 27 European cities alongside Obscura, Gorod and Exivious through the first week of April.

“We are super excited about the new album, and the reactions from the fans and media so far has been totally overwhelming” stated SPAWN OF POSSESSION vocalist Dennis Röndum this week. “With the release of Incurso upon us we’re about to embark on a European tour in support of the album. I’m looking forward to see a lot of people coming out to the shows and joining the party.”

SPAWN OF POSSESSION European Tour w/ Obscura, Gorod, Exivious:
3/09/2012 Universum – Stuttgart, Germany
3/10/2012 Turbinenhalle Kraftwerk – Oberhausen, Germany
3/11/2012 Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, Germany
3/12/2012 Magnet – Berlin, Germany
3/13/2012 Debaser Slussen – Stockholm, Sweden
3/14/2012 Betong – Oslo, Norway
3/15/2012 The Rock – Copenhagen, Denmark
3/16/2012 Rosenkeller – Jena, Germany
3/18/2012 Black Pes – Prague, Czech Republic
3/19/2012 Randal Bratislava, Slovakia
3/20/2012 Feierwerk Hansa 39 – München, Germany
3/21/2012 Arena – Wien, Austria
3/22/2012 Gala Hala – Ljubljana, Slovenia
3/23/2012 Zoe Club – Milano, Italy
3/24/2012 Traffic Club – Rome, Italy
3/27/2012 Aero – Toulouse, France
3/28/2012 Ferrailleur – Nantes, France
3/29/2012 Glazart – Paris, France
3/30/2012 4 Ecluses – Dunkerque, France
3/31/2012 106 – Rouen, France
4/01/2012 Moho Live – Manchester, UK
4/02/2012 The Pint – Dublin, Ireland
4/03/2012 The Croft – Bristol, UK
4/04/2012 Underworld – London, UK
4/05/2012 Biebob – Vosselaar, Belgium
4/06/2012 Patronat – Haarlem, Holland
4/07/2012 Underground – Köln, Germany

“…in one word, unbelievable. Unbelievably good. Dammit, it’s the best tech death album ever. EVER. 5/5” – HeavyBlogIsHeavy

“…may very well be THE tech-death album to beat in 2012.” – MetalSucks

“…their best album to date and will be one of the year’s best metal releases. 5/5” – Stereokiller

“…packed to the gills with brilliant musicianship and songs that combine brutality & technicality to absolute perfection. 5/5” – Sea of Tranquility

“It will be nearly impossible for any band in this sub-genre to match the musical quality of this album for the rest of the year, may be even longer. 8.5/10” – Metal Assault

“…an essential purchase for those who enjoy technical death metal with performance and precision. 8.5/10” – SickDrummer

“Listening to Incurso is like being caught in a hurricane. 5/5” – OneMetal

“…mind-numbing riffs, insanely fast drumming, stop-on-dime timings and signature changes, varying levels of guttural vocal attacks, dense bass work that exceeds most professional players’ soloing capability, all intertwined as the standard in this epic LP…nine of the best tracks death metal has seen in 2012.” – Blow The Scene

“…superb audio quality, and a sheer onslaught of bludgeoning death metal. 9.5/10” – Apoch’s Metal Review

“…sincerely a masterpiece. 5/5” – SD Metal

“…any fan of Technical Death Metal will surely be amazed by the quality of the music presented by Spawn of Possession…91/100” – Infernal Masquerade

“…a shining example of a band at the top of its genre. 9.5/10” – Lexington Music Press