SOS: Queens Crushers Drop New Single From Fifth Album At American Aftermath

American Aftermath is currently ripping up a new track from the approaching fifth independent album from NYC-based SOS, Strength And Conditioning.

SOS is a fusion of heavy sounds; a maniacal musical beast which flails madly yet seamlessly in all directions at once. The band displays the darker and depraved side of their hybrid of heaviness on “None More Black,” the fourth of the vast fourteen tracks on Strength And Conditioning. “This song hurts to play,” states founding vocalist/guitarist, Mike SOS, who whimsically describes the tune as a “balls to the wall blackened beast that goes to eleven.” Featuring a flurry of influences with manic vocals leading the charge, the band hopes this track inspires rabid head banging, feverous horn throwing, and genuine metallic goodwill.

SOS are a hard band to pin down into a genre. I know that I’ve said this before, but honestly, I don’t know what the hell to call this band,” issues American Aftermath alongside the stream of the new track, continuing, “They’ve got a little speed metal, a little thrash, a little black metal and some hardcore punk all thrown into a basket with a shark and a bear and from there, it gets messy.”

Get fired-up with “None More Black” now slaying RIGHT HERE.

The track “Run It Down Into The Ground” was also recently released at Next Mosh RIGHT HERE.

On July 26th, SOS will join several other openers supporting Downset in Queens, which is also the record release show for Strength And Conditioning. Continuous live events for the band will continue to be announced through the Summer.

SOS Live:
7/26/2014 Blackthorn – Elmhurst, NY w/ Downset, Alekhine’s Gun, Driven Mad, Someonelse, 17 Gates, The Only Weapon

Notorious across the city, known not only for playing free, all-ages and DIY/outdoor gigs and parties as well as the massive NYC Marathon every year, in addition to founder Mike SOS’ other activities as the co-vocalist in the now defunct Seizure Crypt, co-producer of the FBOMB live tribute series, his involvement with GLOB (Gorgeous Ladies Of Bloodwrestling), the hostmaster Blackthorn 51 bar and tons more also fueling the beast, SOS is a true workhorse collective. A nearly forty-eight minute excursion into rambunctiousness and barrier-free musical chaos with heavy melodic grooves, their new record, Strength And Conditioning will see release on July 29th, the band’s fifth album born through via the their own 316 Productions. Due to personnel changes and musical exploration with the new members, a six-year gap divides Strength And Conditioning and their previous album, Adult Situations. Yet, through building the new lineup stronger with incessant touring building up to the album’s release and heavy dedication, the work and wait paid off, the new works boasting more action-packed whacko hardcore mayhem than ever. Strength And Conditioning was recorded and mixed by Travis Harrison at Serious Business Studios, mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.