SORXE: Debut Album By Phoenix Doom/Sludge Quartet Out Now, Streaming At American Aftermath

The ominously titled Surrounded By Shadows, the debut full-length release from Phoenix, Arizona-based psychedelic doom quartet, SORXE, is out now.

Independently released by the members of SORXE directly, who also engineered the album internally over multiple sessions throughout 2013, the monstrous Surrounded By Shadows has made an unexpected but incredibly well-received impact on the sludge/doom scene and well beyond. For a virtually brand new act to most listeners beyond a very cult audience who caught one of their performances throughout the Southwest over the past two years or picked up on their 2013 Realms EP, the SORXE moniker is searing itself into fans with Surrounded By Shadows delivering almost an hour of cathartic, dynamic and devastating top-tier sludge/doom metal with an endless array of twists and outside elements morphing their creative sounds. In honor of its official release, American Aftermath is running a full stream of the album, stating, “The nearly 60 minute behemoth erupts with earth-shaking, sludge-ridden grooves that feature tremendous low-end and infectious rock swagger. When the album isn’t churning out skull-caving riffs, it’s enveloping you in sprawling, ambient, Neurosis-esque passages that can be as haunting as they are tranquil. SORXE have crafted an album that is extremely heavy but accessible as well.”

Delve into the seemingly endless realms of Surrounded By Shadows at American Aftermath RIGHT HERE.

Surrounded By Shadows is available through SORXE directly HERE.

Also just announced today is the routing for the band’s upcoming tour with state mates and headliners, Godhunter, as well as the band’s debut Los Angeles performance. Consuming virtually the first three weeks of October, SORXE and Godhunter will blaze the West Coast and Southwest US, the trek running them up through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California, in addition to kicking off in Arizona, and closing down in their home state as well, both set to storm Southwest Terror Fest III: The Western Front. The tour also includes a show at LuciFest in Salt Lake City with Secrets Of The Sky, Demon Lung, Reproacher and more in addition to both touring acts. Just three weeks later, SORXE will make their debut Los Angeles appearance, having been confirmed to perform as part in the upcoming Midnite Communion II on November 15th. The event, dubbed “Out of the Woods,” will include live sets from Cough and Invdrs in addition to SORXE, in addition to original art showcases from Lucas Ruggieri, Krist Mort, Farron Loathing and Raoul “View from the Coffin” Mazzero, as well as an array of merchants and other ceremonial contributions and more.

SORXE Tour Dates:
10/02/2014 The Hive – Flagstaff, AZ w/ Godhunter
10/03-04/2014 Mojo’s Music Venue – Odgen, UT @ Lucifest II w/ Godhunter, Secrets of the Sky, more
10/05/2014 Lion’s Lair – Denver, CO w/ Godhunter
10/06/2014 TBA – Casper, WY w/ Godhunter
10/07/2014 The Shredder – Boise, ID w/ Godhunter
10/08/2014 The Hop – Spokane, WA w/ Godhunter
10/09/2014 The Shakedown – Bellingham, WA w/ Godhunter
10/10/2014 Victory Lounge – Seattle, WA w/ Godhunter
10/11/2014 The Know – Portland, OR w/ Godhunter
10/12/2014 Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA w/ Godhunter
10/13/2014 Black Flame Collective – San Bernadino, CA w/ Godhunter
10/18/2014 Rialto Theatre – Tucson, AZ @ Southwest Terror Fest w/ Neurosis, The Body, Author & Punisher [info]
11/15/2014 Complex – Glendale, CA @ Midnite Communion II w/ Cough, Invdrs [info]

Comprised of former members of Graves At Sea, Via Vengeance, Magnetplan, Daughters Of Fission and more, SORXE‘s dynamic assault is fueled by two and multiple styles of layered vocals. A sprawling, diverse eruption of crushing doom, at times incredibly beautiful and tranquil, and at others overwhelmingly harrowing, its earthmoving riffs penetrated with undertones of grunge, psychedelic and ambient textures, Surrounded By Shadows was recorded by the band’s Tanner Crace in multiple sessions in June 2013 at Francisco Studios and February through June 2014 at The Vaulted Owl, the album mastered by Byron Villain Recording. Boasting a wide range of well-crafted tracks comparable in does along the way to Neurosis, Ufomammut, Yob, Hull and others, the album’s cover art was constructed by Josh Graham.

“…Surrounded by Shadows draws on the best elements left from the largely washed out post-metal movement. They tradeoff atmospherics and churning, crushing riffs, vary their approach widely, and toy with structures and builds to create a full-album sensibility that each individual song feeds into.” – The Obelisk

“I could speak all day about the pedigree of the band members or craft thousands of paragraphs on why this album fucking slays. Surrounded By Shadows is, quite simply, exhaustingly complete. Gradually or suddenly, Sorxe unfurl coiled force and chew through 2014’s best releases. This is a changeling you can welcome into your home, but that won’t stop them from shoving a carving fork into your belly.” – Heavy Planet

“There is something more eerie in Sorxe’s presentation than in most other bands placed in the Post-Metal genre… The punctuation they provide to the more straight forward metal heaviness opens up a space for breathing and reflection, which benefits music such as this where constant pummelling can err turn into the aforementioned churn of tiresome bullshit.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“Melody and a strong sense of atmosphere can sometimes be hard to come by in the sludge style. The Americans of Sorxe, however, are here to provide us with a fine counterexample to this common rule. 8/10” – Metal Storm

“…it will squeeze you under its filthy weight until your guts burst out of your mouth.” – Cvlt Nation

“Sorxe have their own ideas. Their sound is more than post-metal by numbers. They didn’t just regurgitate ‘Through Silver In Blood’ or steal riffs from ‘Panopticon’.” – The Sludgelord