SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI: “Get The Guns” Single Premiered At DSCVRD; Push LP Featuring Members Of Far And Will Haven Nears Release Via Exile On Mainstream

photos by Nick Coward

DSCVRD is currently hosting the exclusive premiere of “Get The Guns,” the powerful new single from UK-based SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI. The track precedes the band’s impending third LP, Push, nearing release at the end of the month through Exile On Mainstream.

A radical departure from the instrumental approach the band has maintained for the past twenty years, Push marks SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI‘s first collaboration with musicians from two of the biggest and most respected bands in the Sacramento music community, as the act welcomes Jonah Matranga of Far and Gratitude and Mitch Wheeler of Will Haven. A powerhouse of searing post-hardcore, alternative metal, and progressive dreamy riff rock, with an ideology rooted in the 1990s hardcore scene, the hypnotic pulsing riffs and the soaring emotional power of Matranga’s raw vocals provide his first heavy performance since the critically acclaimed Far reunion album At Night We Live. Matranga uses his return to post hardcore, and his subtle, almost subliminal delivery to challenge some of the core topics with a reignited fire of passion and emotional persuasion.

Push was recorded by Lance Jackman of EightFourSeven in Sacramento, engineered and mixed by Dan Lucas, and mastered by the legendary Nick Zampiello (Cave In, Converge, ISIS).

According to the band, “‘Get The Guns’ was one of the first tracks that Jonah worked on and we knew the chemistry was locked in from this point. As an instrumental band we’d never heard the music of SOAC be directed as a delivery vehicle for lyrics and vocal messaging before. This was a relentless performance from Jonah and an amazing way to open up the collaboration!”

Tune in to SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI’s “Get The Guns” first via DSCVRD now at THIS LOCATION.

Exile On Mainstream will proudly release Push on all digital platforms and an LP/CD bundled package on August 27th. Find preorders HERE.

Founding bassist Nick Hannon offers, “SOAC has a split personality; this is most certainly our darker and heavier side. We grew up on ’90s alternative rock and to harness our vision with the purveyors of the Sacramento post hardcore sound will make this a true landmark release and we have taken it to the extreme collaborating with Mitch and Jonah!”

On embracing the spirit of collaboration, Hannon continues, “We’ve always been interested in working in a collaborative manner, so despite the epidemic, we’ve continued building and expanding our spectrum of musical genres that we want to experiment with. This is an exciting phase for us and integrating the guys from Sacramento and their heritage is phenomenal. We have worked to sculpt the instrumental rock dexterity of SOAC and provided a hardcore backbone by integrating Mitch and Jonah that has breathed a whole new spirit into the vessel. It still has an element of mysticism but comes with a more direct connection to the audience.”

Stand by for additional updates surrounding the release of Push.