SONIC WOLVES: Debut From Italian Psychedelic Dirt Rock Unit To See Release Via Taxi Driver Records + He Said/ Song For The Earthbound Seven-Inch Streaming

Band Unites Current And Past Members Of Ufomammut, The Hounds Of Hasselvander, Pentagram, And Rogue State


Italy-based Taxi Driver Records is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the debut full-length from Italian psychedelic dirt rock unit, SONIC WOLVES, later this year.

SONIC WOLVES was forged in Alessandria, Italy in 2012 by bassist Kayt Vigil (Rogue State, ex-The Hounds Of Hasselvander, ex-Pentagram) and drummer Vita (Ufomammut, Rogue State) initially under the name of Tsutar. In December 2014, the band tracked their first demo at Ampire Studio in Pistoia, Italy. It was Vigil on bass/vocals, Vita on drums and Stefano Tocci (Deaf Eyes, ex-Incoming Cerebral Overdrive) on guitars. By Spring of the following year, the eight-track WolfWitch was unleashed to the masses and just a few months later, Paolo Melotto (ex-Psyconauts) joined SONIC WOLVES on lead guitar and vocals, followed by Diniz (Temple Of Dust, Mexican Chili Funeral Party) on rhythm guitar. The sound of SONIC WOLVES is an infusion of heavy, gritty rock, with elements of metal and psychedelic influences permeating its every moment.

At the close of 2015, SONIC WOLVES recorded their first proper full-length, again at Ampire Studio in Pistoia, with Stefano Tocci serving as studio sound engineer. The album will see release later this year via Taxi Driver Records with title, artwork, track listing and teasers to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can sample the band’s limited edition He Said/Song For The Earthbound seven-inch, released earlier this Spring via Taxi Driver. The two-track offering was initially premiered via The Obelisk with the notorious riff portal elaborating, “Side-A establishes an almost immediate sense of depth. The rhythm is languid, an easy flow bolstered by near-shoegazing effects on the guitar, but Vigil’s vocal echoes overtop in a way that’s somewhat more blown out, and that gives a looser, garage-style feel as ‘He Said’ unfolds, a steady drum progression pushing it along until it crashes into the solo section, the bass fuzzing heavy under a nodding freakout that cuts suddenly to go back to the verse, somewhat more tense after what it’s just been through. Engaging, catchy in a lysergic kind of way and fluid, it still only tells part of the story, as ‘Song For The Earthbound’ takes hold. The B-side, which didn’t feature on the demo, offers a fuller-toned push, some cowbell from Vita, and vocal tradeoffs between Vigil and Melotto as well as more straightforward guitar interplay and an emergent roll in its back half that leads to a return to the hook with both singers delivering. That dynamic doesn’t show up in ‘He Said,’ so between the swapping of heavy/psychedelic influences and the dual-vocalist dynamic, SONIC WOLVES set themselves up… to go into an album of wide-ranging and intriguing possibilities.”

Hear He Said/Song For The Earthbound below:

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