SOLBRUD: Epic Black Metal Ensemble Premieres “Forfald” At Metal Injection; Vemod LP Nears Release Through Indisciplinarian And Vendetta Records

SOLBRUD - Band1_2017_LO_@Kristian_Buus[photo by Kristian Buus]

Copenhagen-based epic black metallers SOLBRUD are set to release their third full length offering Vemod on June 9th via Indisciplinarian and Vendetta Records. The eleven-minute album opus “Forfald” – which translates to “decay” — is now streaming exclusively through Metal Injection, preceding the single’s official release on digital platforms this coming Friday 19th.

Metal Injection states that SOLBRUD‘s Vemod is, “an essential listen for any fan of atmospheric black metal, and brings the listener on an ethereal ride that haunts with emotion and vigor from beginning to end,” calling the “Forfald” single they just premiered, “ethereal perfection.”

SOLBRUD declares with the song, “Apocalypse is around the corner… this is the soundtrack!”

Witness SOLBRUD’s premonitions of the imminent fall of man as described in “Forfald” only at Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.

SOLBRUD‘s third full-length, Vemod an album proclaiming the imminent fall of mankind accompanied by the band’s unique and melodic variety of epic black metal. Vemod strongly consolidates SOLBRUD as a band with a special, artistic vision, unfolding in uncompromising and boundary-pushing black metal as shown on their two previous albums, Solbrud (2012) and Jærtegn (2014).

“Forfald” is a centerpiece on Vemod, musically in its vivid display of SOLBRUD‘s wuthering and highly expressive black metal. But the track also communicates the main theme of the record: The forthcoming destruction of mankind due to its folly and greed, and the rejection of the ways that are leading us to our demise. The record holds a pessimistic view on mankind but also expresses a profound affection for nature, our origin and its forces around and within us. As the previous album, Vemod was recorded with producer Lasse Ballade (Orm, Halshug, Slægt) in his Ballade Studios in Copenhagen, while the legendary Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Rainbow) has overseen the mastering. As with the band’s two previous albums, the record consists of four tracks, which this time makes up a playing time of fifty epic and intense minutes.

Vemod will be available on LP, CD, and digital formats on June 9th, 2017, a cooperative release between Indisciplinarian and Vendetta Records.

SOLBRUD will play a single release show at Ungdomshuset in the hometown of Copenhagen on the release day. A full European tour and Scandinavian Fall dates will be announced shortly.

6/09/2017 Ungdomshuset – Copenhagen, DK

SOLBRUD - Vemod - Artwork_LO