SOFY MAJOR Posts New Song, Trailer On How Hurricane Sandy Failed To Halt New LP

In preparation for the disbursement of their new LP Idolize, today French metallic noise rock bandits SOFY MAJOR proudly offer another new single from the mammoth album. Just after SOFY MAJOR flew into Brooklyn in October 2012 to record Idolize at Translator Audio with producer Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Keelhaul, Cave In), Hurricane Sandy waged war on the region, the massive storm surge the bitch of a storm brought with her wiped out the entire studio and all of the band’s gear. The trio hooked up with cohort and labelmate Dave Curran (Unsane, Pigs), who helped Schneider and the band relocate to Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge and Spaceman Sound studios and complete the recording sessions Sandy attempted to thwart.

Invisible Oranges and Brooklyn Vegan are now hosting an exclusive stream of the album’s third track. The pummeling metallic swank of “Steven The Slow” showcases the dredging, angular, possibly drugged slow-paced ramble SOFY MAJOR has so masterfully crafted, the track also featuring guest vocals from their bro Dave Curran. Additionally, a documentary on SOFY MAJOR‘s unique and insane two months dealing with Sandy, the recording and the ensuing tour, entitled Buckets, Curtains And More Noise, was directed and produced by Riot House Production, and is pending release in June.

Stream “Steven The Slow” and watch the trailer for Buckets, Curtains And More Noise with Invisible Oranges RIGHT HERE.

American Aftermath previously released the album’s rampant second track “Comment” HERE.

Out of the bowels of the post-industrial badlands of Clermont-Ferrand, France comes SOFY MAJOR, a metallic noiserock trio highly motivated in intoxicating the listener with their energetic and off-kilter attack, than kick your liver in while your hangover is at its worst. Like a demented mesh of the Melvins slamming into High On Fire with undeniable noise/metal influences instigated by the likes of Unsane, Quicksand and Deadguy, Idolize encapsulates SOFY MAJOR‘s intoxicating concoction of sludge riffage, stale beer, shattered dreams and perseverance. The album is set for worldwide release on May 31st via Solar Flare Records in Europe (Pigs, American Heritage) and No List Records in North America (Ken Mode, The Great Sabatini), the album to be delivered as a limited vinyl boxset, (three 12″ LPs in three colors), digipack CD, cassette and digital download.