SOFY MAJOR: New Noise Magazine Streams Total Dump Full-Length From French Post-Hardcore/Noise Rock Trio In Its Entirety; Record Drops TODAY Via Corpse Flower Records

“Big, battering grooves, anthemic choruses, and boundless energy come together in noise rock harmony on SOFY MAJOR‘s Total Dump…Armed with a gut-punching low end, sludgy grit, catchy vocal melodies, and an impeccable sense of melody and rock swagger, Total Dump decimates the competition and proves itself to be the band’s most well-written and memorable work to date.” — Svbterranean

Today marks the official release day of Total Dump, the latest full-length from French post-hardcore/noise rock trio SOFY MAJOR. In celebration of its release, New Noise Magazine is streaming the record in it entirety.

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SOFY MAJOR‘s long-awaited fourth full-length and follow-up to 2015’s triumphant Waste LP was recorded and mixed by Dave Curran (Unsane, Big Business) at Black Box Studios, mastered by Carl Saff (Fu Manchu, Rosetta, KEN mode, Child Bite) at Saff Mastering, and delivers eleven rocked out, Big-Muff-powered tracks of relentlessly raw, driving, melody. Fans of Unsane, Harvey Milk, The Jesus Lizard, Coliseum, and the like pay heed.

Total Dump is out now on limited edition vinyl via Corpse Flower Records with Deadlight Entertainment and Antena Krzyku handling the CD and vinyl releases in Europe respectively. Corpse Flower’s vinyl edition comes in three color variants – 100 gold, 100 mustard yellow with baby blue splatter and 100 half tan/half sea blue.

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Total Dump is the latest testament to SOFY MAJOR‘s ability to explore and evolve without losing its identity. Here, the band offer up what is undoubtedly their best songs to date and although every band will say that about their new record, SOFY MAJOR lives by it.

The creation of Total Dump was anything but easy. As the saying goes though, shit happens, and sometimes it happens in a big way whether it is on a personal or global level, hence the title… But the history of SOFY MAJOR has always been riddled with obstacles and setbacks and this time, the band could rely on a rejuvenated and solidified lineup to gut it out and enjoy a fruitful, creative process. All of this showed once they entered the studio, where sound wizard Dave Curran captured the magic. And it will show on stage. Following hundreds of shows across Europe, the UK, and the US, alongside Unsane, Pigs, Baroness, Big Business, Kylesa, and so many others, SOFY MAJOR is eager to deafen the masses again in 2019. Stay tuned for tour announcements in the weeks to come.

Total Dump strikes that perfect balance between abrasive and melodic and doesn’t peak too early, giving you just as many stand-out riffs towards the end as it does at the beginning.” — Metal Trenches

“For those who like the acerbic humor often associated with noise rock, there is no shortage of gems here, from the Big Business melodic sludge of ‘The Jerk’ to the one-two punch of ‘Shinny Happy Asshole’ and the sombre ‘Frankly Butthole’ through to the unpleasantly groovy diagnosis of ‘Tumor-o-rama….'” — Hellbound