SNARES OF SIXES Premieres “The Mother’s Throat” Via No Clean Singing; Debut EP By Ex-Agalloch Act Nears Release Through Crucial Blast

Snares Promo 01_web [photo by Cody Keto][photo by Cody Keto]

Crucial Blast is preparing to release Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass, the debut EP by SNARES OF SIXES – the newest investigative musical outlet of founding Agalloch member Jason Walton. No Clean Singing has undertaken the task of divulging a new segment of its untamed exploration, premiering the single, “The Mother’s Throat.”

Fusing an intense and eclectic range of extreme and experimental approaches into a disjointed and somehow simultaneously seamless hybrid of sounds, SNARES OF SIXES‘ maiden recording sees co members of Lawnmower Deth, Winds, Sculptured, Blekspetl, Hollow Branches, Self Spiller, Barrowlands, Age Of Silence, Dolven, Musk Ox, The Night Watch, Maestus, and more joining the project’s creator in his delivery of this intriguing mutation.

No Clean Singing offers in part, “The music is playful and perverse, mercurial and somehow mesmerizing, chaotic and paradoxically cohesive. The head-snapping snare rhythms (which are themselves in flux as the song unfolds) provide a kind of twisted spine for the mutated tissues that boil off of it – python-like electronic slithering, pulsating tones, heart-like pumping sounds, slashes of abrasion, strange warbling emissions, distorted words, lacerating shrieks, currents of melody you might not even realize are there until afterward, and something like bursts of radio waves from space at the end.”

“The Mother’s Throat” by SNARES OF SIXES can be heard at THIS LOCATION.

The EP’s closing “Retroperistalsis” is playing at Invisible Oranges RIGHT HERE.

Crucial Blast will issue Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass on digital and six-panel digipak CD on May 5th; find preorders RIGHT HERE.

Five years ago, in a period of downtime from the band Agalloch, Jason Walton wanted to write a strange and abrasive record; the aim was to record an album that pushed on the paradigms within metal. The result is a cohesive and challenging album that draws from seemingly disparate ideas and styles. Initially slated be a full-length album, Walton realized that he complexity and density of the material encourages listening in small dosage, and SNARES OF SIXES Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass EP was finalized. Often difficult, frequently nightmarish, SNARES OF SIXES‘ output easily ranks as one of Walton’s more challenging and oblique offerings, and for the listeners, one of his most fascinating. Features Marius Sjøli and Robert Hunter (Hollow Branches), Andy Winter (Winds), Pete Lee (Lawnmower Deth), Nathanaël Larochette (Musk Ox), and Don Anderson (Agalloch, Sculptured), among others. Recorded all over the world, the record was mixed at Earth in Sound Studios by Jason Walton, mastered by James Plotkin, and features graphics by Marius Sjoli and artwork by Aesop Dekker.

SNARES OF SIXES is working on a live lineup with plans of performing shows in the months ahead.