SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP: Ezekiel’s Hags LP Out This Week On Relapse Records; Entire Album Streaming At Decibel Magazine

SSOSPRO-9_web [photo by Forrest Locke][photo by Forrest Locke]

As Relapse Records readies the third LP from Southern California’s SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP, Ezekiel’s Hags, for release this week, Decibel Magazine is streaming the entire tumultuous album early.

Ezekiel’s Hags is indisputably SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP‘s most ambitious and meticulously-crafted material to date. Delivering a venomous mixture of violent, doom-ridden madness with a severe beckoning to the occult, the quintet has forged a monolithic album that transcends solitary genre classification without rewriting the rules. Recorded with engineer Paul Miner (Motörhead, Terror, Phobia), Ezekiel’s Hags bears fifty minutes of new material through eleven relentless songs that beat the listener into oblivion. Chock full of tortured vocals, gigantic riffs, and thunderous drums, this is music as vile as it can be.

Enter the realm of Decibel Magazine to experience SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP ‘s entire Ezekiel’s Hags at THIS LOCATION.

The unnerving occult video for the album’s “War Master” is also playing HERE.

Ezekiel’s Hags will see worldwide release through Relapse on CD, 2xLP and digital platforms this Friday, February 5th, 2016. Digital preorders are available via the band’s Bandcamp page HERE and physical preorders, including limited merch bundles, can be purchased via Relapse Mailorder HERE.

SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP will also be performing with Coffins and Noothgrush in Glendale, California on February 16th, the show acting as the record release show for Ezekiel’s Hags. Additional tour dates will be declared at a later date.

2/16/2016 The Complex – Glendale, CA w/ Coffins, Noothgrush

In an early premiere of Ezekiel’s Hags first single, “Gutter,” Spin dubbed the track, “a cannonball of sludge and double-kick, whose unexpectedly ambient outro is just as unnerving as the blood-curdling wails from singer Tim McAlary that precede it,” and reported, “the album is one of the early year’s most pummeling and cathartic releases.” Longtime band-supporting webzine Lambgoat issued, “the Southern California band is one of the heaviest things out there. Part death metal, part grind, part doom, and part black metal, SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP leave a path of sonic annihilation in their wake.” Cvlt Nation’s track premiere of “War Master” said, “their sonic offerings have only gotten more depraved! We are stoked to see how far this band has come – they are getting some well-deserved recognition.” And outro to No Clean Singing’s detailed track-by-track breakdown of the album praises, “The album concludes with the 10-minute monstrosity that is ‘Bastard Son’, a shamelessly epic and unrepentant consummation of all that the band have done thus far, which attempts to thread together all their influences – from sludge to doom to drone to hardcore to grind to death metal – into one coherent amalgamation of humongous riffs, gut-rumbling bass lines, pulse-pounding drum work, and harrowing, uncompromising vocals, building and building towards a truly frenzied climax, which serves to give the album the brutal send-off it richly deserves.”

SSOS-Ezekiels cover