SETHERIAL: Album Title Announced


The sixth full-length from Swedish black metallers SETHERIAL will be called Ekpyrosis.

Says drummer Alastor Mysteriis: “We have now recorded six drum tracks and this time we decided to go for a full acoustic drum sound using no triggers or other modules. This week we will continue with the drums and also continue with the guitars and vocals. We are aiming for a much more organic production with this album since it fits the overall concept and the pre-productions we’ve done sound extremely promising. The lyrical theme of Ekpyrosis is about a metaphoric connection to the unavoidable conflict of the universe, through the Satanic angle and perspective.

The Ekpyrotic Universe draws its name from the ancient Greek word ekpyrosis, meaning ‘conflagration’ (disastrous fire or conflict). A tribute to the complete obliteration spiral of all particles that is ever created where the all-seeing/all-destroying eye of Satan’s singularity is represented by the destructive forces and dark energy of this vast, unknown universe.

We are also working with different ideas for layout and will present them to the public soon.”