SET AND SETTING: MetalSucks Streams Tabula Rasa Full-Length From Florida Post-Rock Instrumentalists; LP To Drop Next Week Via Pelagic Records

Photo by Matt Valler

“…giant-sized riffs collide with churning grooves and layered guitars, mixing with the band’s patented delicate atmospherics for their most varied, dynamic release to date.” — MetalSucks

MetalSucks is currently streaming Tabula Rasa, the latest full-length from Florida post-rock instrumentalists SET AND SETTING, in advance of its Pelagic Records release day next week.

SET AND SETTING… have a supremely gifted ear for melody and composition that keeps their band of instrumental post-rock engaging and interactive…,” the esteemed web portal writes. “Tabula Rasa may be SET AND SETTING‘s heaviest release to date – there’s a sharp, particularly aggressive metallic edge here I can’t recall hearing in the past – which may have something to do with the band’s new lineup this time around. Whatever the reason, it’s working magnificently: giant-sized riffs collide with churning grooves and layered guitars, mixing with the band’s patented delicate atmospherics for their most varied, dynamic release to date.”

Take in Tabula Rasa, courtesy of MetalSucks, at THIS LOCATION.

The nine-track Tabula Rasa was recorded and mixed by Ryan Haft (Torche, Wrong) in Miami, Florida, and is inarguably the band’s heaviest album to date and first under the Pelagic Records banner. “We purposely tried to extend the boundaries of our sound by adding more extreme metal and punk influences all while still sounding like ourselves,” notes guitarist Shane Handal. Fans of Russian Circles, Pink Floyd, Pelican, Mono, Alcest, Pg.Lost, and This Will Destroy You pay heed.

SET AND SETTING’s Tabula Rasa will be available and CD, LP, and digital formats via Pelagic Records on October 12th. For preorders in North America go to THIS LOCATION, in Europe go HERE, and in Australia go HERE. Desirers of the digital edition can visit THIS LOCATION.

SET AND SETTING merge instrumental rock with a thick metallic edge with elements of drone and ambient music, the end result rendering a “captivating, wordless, genre amalgam (Decibel).” Since their debut album Equanimity (2013), the quartet has been ceaselessly active throughout the underground and extreme music scenes in the US and Canada. In 2014, SET AND SETTING released their second album, A Vivid Memory, via Prosthetic Records and continued to tour internationally and locally with bands such as Mouth Of The Architect, Eyehategod, Inter Arma, and Kayo Dot. 2016 brought a tough year of writing and recording while battling injuries within the band thus limiting live performances. One year later however the band released Reflectionless. Stereogum championed a record of, “melancholic beauty suspended in the clouds with a birds-eye view of epic terrain…,” further hailing its, “soul-searing leads and shimmering, bending guitars that convey feelings of wonder and introspection.” Alternative Press concurred, “This quartet has a gorgeous and unexpectedly heavy sound.” The record led to SET AND SETTING‘s first ever tour of Europe which included an appearance at the renowned Dunk! Festival.

SET AND SETTING continues to push themselves forward and in heavier directions…The moods on the song vary, ranging from melancholic post-rock to heavier, almost Gojira-esque sections. An emotive melody runs through the song, assuring that something is always happening.” – Decibel on “Ecdysis”

“[SET AND SETTING] are still working in the same general post-rock realm as usual on this album, but the metallic influences are a lot stronger… Decibel compared the first single [‘Ecdysis’] to Gojira, and you can hear some towering Isis-style riffs on the new song, as well as searing, classic rock guitar solos that the band says were influenced by Pink Floyd…” — BrooklynVegan on “Wandering Tribulation”