SERPENT OMEGA: Swedish Doom/Sludge Metal Unit To Host Gimme Metal Guest DJ Special Monday, December 14th; II Full-Length Out Now Via Icons Creating Evil Art

Swedish doom/sludge metal unit, SERPENT OMEGA, will host a Gimme Metal guest DJ special Monday, December 14TH at 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST. Vocalist Urskogr and guitarist Jonsson will be typing along in the live chat with listeners. Don’t miss it! Visit

SERPENT OMEGA released their II full-length via Icons Creating Evil Art in September. Melding sludge, doom, metal, and crust into a unique and sordid brew, SERPENT OMEGA‘s self-titled debut full-length sold out in a few short months back in 2013. The long-awaited sequel, appropriately titled II, was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden by guitarist Jonsson at Dark Prod Studios, mixed at Studio Humbucker by Robert Pehrsson (Runemagick, Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker), and mastered by Magnus Lindberg Productions (Cult Of Luna). To suggest the final product is grotesquely heavy and good is an understatement. With II, the Stockholm-based quartet offers a perfect soundtrack to what may well be the end of the world as we know it. It’s all here: despair, hopelessness, fury, and perhaps a glimmer of bloody triumph and distant hope in the inevitability of a new beginning. The songs are a pile of bleak upon bleaker riffs that move from a slow and low crawl into d-beat and black metal territory with a smattering of NWOBHM in for good measure.

View SERPENT OMEGA’s “Land Of Darkness” video at THIS LOCATION.

II is out now on CD, LP, and digital formats. Order your copy today HERE.

SERPENT OMEGA formed with the sole intent of mediating gargantuan, earth-splitting heavy tunes. The band was vomited out of the innards of the Great Serpent in 2011, ever since exploring the beyond side of the void and worshipping the power of the Riff. The band’s current lineup features vocalist Urskogr, bassist Brief, guitarist Jonsson and newest member, drummer Peter Stjärnvind, a.k.a Fast Feet Pete (Entombed, Nifelheim, Merciless, Unanimated, Murder Squad). SERPENT OMEGA has played crypts to festivals, all around Scandinavia since the debut in 2013 together with bands such as High On Fire, Bongzilla, Hooded Menace, and Grand Magus.

“… a record that hits the mark on every track. SERPENT OMEGA channeled chthonic fury into a concise half-hour record that’s very much worth your time and resources.” – Dead Rhetoric

“…the band blends doom, sludge, and crust in ways that are appropriately bleak, ugly, and despairing. And yet, just when you think there’s nothing hopeful in this bleak musical landscape, there are some very slight glimmers of hope, little signs that maybe human beings can still pull through it all.” – Sea Of Tranquility

SERPENT OMEGA have created a fast, immediate, and powerful release. II is not for the contemplation of a world that is falling apart; it is for the rage and the violence that comes as it’s dying.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“A melting pot of despair, hopelessness, and fury.” – Moshville Times

“The darkness is always – it hangs in every corner of this album.” – Flying Fiddlesticks

“A truly diverse listen that flows together perfectly, SERPENT OMEGA have returned to where they left off in impressive style.” – Metal Noise

“…an impressive and powerful album that is worth your attention.” – Metal Talk