SELIM LEMOUCHI & HIS ENEMIES: Full Album Streaming At Revolver

In celebration of its official release this Friday via Ván Records, today Revolver brings you Earth Air Spirit Water Fire, from SELIM LEMOUCHI & HIS ENEMIS in its entirety!

Earth Air Spirit Water Fire serves as a new addition to the annals of sonic exploration from The Devil’s Blood architect SELIM LEMOUCHI. Written by LEMOUCHI alongside old friend Robby Geerings, each of the five tracks that comprise Earth Air Spirit Water Fire bask in their own obscure structures, stylistic leanings and lyrical content; a circle of dark and light diverging from the same source and seemingly returning to that same source as well. The emotions of the Madman; depression, desire, demurity, decadence and determination had seemed to veer out from the same point of origin and had found each other in that oft spoken of but rarely understood concept of completion. With four drummers, a handful of guitar players, a few synthesizer players, several vocalists, and many hours filled with laughter, tears, anger and spiritual communion as well as communication of the more direct kind, he brought the 5(x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5) dimensions of the pentacle, the pentagram and the pentagon into the flesh as he perceived, understood and accepted them.

Hear for yourself, courtesy of Revolver, at THIS LOCATION.

There comes a point in a man’s life when he must accept that the paradigms and dogmas by which he arranged his life have become null and void and that new paths must be paved. There comes a time when the bridges and ships of the past must be burned and sunk behind him, leaving the remnants of his old self smoldering and, without so much as a glance backwards, without so much as a tear or a smile, he has to move on.

Sometimes we, however, are not ourselves the prime movers in our destinies. Sometimes we are moved onward by hands unseen and forces either too bright or too sinister to even contemplate with any degree of reason. They must be faced with only the instincts of the natural survivor, the warrior and the poet.

In the mind, body and soul of SELIM LEMOUCHI it became clear, not too long ago, that such a moment had come. Inspired by his ongoing search for spiritual clarity and strength, artistic inspiration and truth, always truth, it had become clear that The Old Ways, were now dead and that he had been relieved of the burden of being their facilitator, midwife-of-sorts and guardian.

The careful reader shall understand that the blood of the Devil which has been running through his spiritual veins since before the union of seed and egg, and which runs through them still, perhaps stronger than ever now, had been satisfied. The Blood had cried out for blood and it had been fed, in abundance, through almost seven years of arduous Work and complete dedication, through both Magic and Science, through emotion, instinct and reason. But, and regardless of how that made him feel, or anyone else for that matter, it was done. It was finished. It had been accomplished. It was time to move on…

Earth Air Spirit Water Fire will be released via Ván Records on December 6, 2013 and come available via digipack CD, digital download and LP with full 12″ booklet. Preorder your copy HERE.

The ENEMIES, in no particular order:
Ries Doms: Drums
Micha Haring: Drums
Hans van de Perre: Drums
Hansz Deijnen: Drums
Job van de Zande: Bass
Milko Bogaard: Vocals, Mini Moog and Mellotron
Robby Geerings: FX, Drum-Synth, Guitar
Oeds Beydals: Guitar
Farida Lemouchi: Vocals
Max Rovers: Art
Pieter G. Kloos: (parts of the) Recording, Mix, Master