SEE?: Metal Insider Debuts Lead Track From Lighteninging On Your Thames; Band Merges Current/Former Members Of Netherlands, Spacehog, Bangladeafy, And More


As Nefarious Industries prepares for the late December release of Lighteninging On Your Thames — the new album from bewilderingly eccentric collective, SEE? — the lead track from this warped auditory beating has been issued through Metal Insider.

With SEE?’s members currently/previously collectively hailing from a wide net of bands including Bangladeafy, Pseudo/Sentai, Seabrook Power Plant, Needle Driver, Die Trommel Fatale, Netherlands, Cibo Matto, Spacehog, Joan as Police Woman, Bassoon, Sugarlife, and others, within the “boundaries” of Lighteninging On Your Thames listeners will be raked over the burnt remnants of reality as synthtwang, djentpop, progwank, and manglemetal fight to dominate the soundtrack.

Metal Insider issues with their early stream of the track, “It’s easy to get pretty jaded in the metal community. How many more deathcore bands waiting for the drop or thrash bands trying to recapture 1984 can there be before you tag out? What we’re trying to say is that it’s pretty rare that you hear a song or band that’s uncategorizable. However, the debut album from collective SEE?, Lighteninging On Your Thames… certainly qualifies as hard to explain in just one sentence.”

SEE?’s Timo Ellis delves, “‘Track 1,’ or ‘SEE1′ as it’s known, is something of an informal thesis statement about the band; as part of their natural first movement of improvisation during the session it reflects the frenetic intensity and imagination of these four guys playing together for the first time. The song has several distinctly different movements and sets the tone for the on-a-dime/ mood-swinging adventurousness of the rest of the record. Put simply another way… nerd alert — these guys are fuckin’ nuts.”

Stream the album-opening “SEE1” only at Metal Insider RIGHT HERE.

Nefarious Industries will issue SEE?‘s Lighteninging On Your Thames digitally on December 23rd. Stand by for additional audio samples and more to be released.

SEE? is a spontaneous supergroup featuring bassist Jon Ehlers (Bangladeafy, Pseudo/Sentai), guitarist Brandon Seabrook (Seabrook Power Plant, Needle Driver, Die Trommel Fatale), and drummer/vocalist/producer Timo Ellis (Netherlands, Cibo Matto, ex-Spacehog, Joan as Police Woman), with additional keyboards by Stuart Popejoy (Bassoon, Sugarlife). An exuberant and explosive testimony to their collective intensity, ferocious skill and wild imagination, Ellis recorded the basics for Lighteninging On Your Thames in an evening and then mercilessly tweaked it over the next few weeks at the Williamsburg Garage, after which it was mixed and mastered by Ron A. Shaffer at Atlantic West Studios, and finalized with art by Ellis. Simply put, this is an unremitting thrill salad of joy, angst, brains…and a massive fucking heart.