SCORCHED: “Mortuary Of Nightmares” From Delaware Death Crew Now Playing; Ecliptic Butchery Preorders Available At 20 Buck Spin

[photo by Jacki Vitetta]

“Mortuary Of Nightmares” is the fresh heap of carnage to drop from Delaware death metal crew SCORCHED and their impending Ecliptic Butchery LP, nearing release in September through 20 Buck Spin. The track is now streaming as the label issues preorders for the album.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Tomb Mold, Pissgrave, Prurient), the impossibly heavy recording, seething, and slicing, exemplifies the ideal SCORCHED operating theater for the band’s uniquely gut-wrenching death metal. Completed with cover art by Misanthropic Illustrations, Ecliptic Butchery is simply one of the most malicious onslaughts of 2018. Fans of Vastum, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Extremity, Witch Vomit, Necrot, Exhumed, and Homewrecker need to get SCORCHED.

With “Mortuary Of Nightmares,” Ecliptic Butchery‘s grotesque sixth cut, SCORCHED offers, “This song is a combination of some of the more weird riffs and ideas that we’ve played with along with some of the heaviest parts in our opinion. Really blends well to create one of our most unique and favorite tracks from this album.”

Stream SCORCHED’s “Mortuary Of Nightmares” at YouTube HERE, and Bandcamp where “Exhibits Of Torture” is also streaming HERE.

Ecliptic Butchery will see 20 Buck Spin release on LP, CD, and digital on September 28th; the CD version containing a bonus disc which includes the entire Excavated For Evisceration release. Find digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE and preorders for all physical versions and merch at the label shop HERE.

Following tour dates earlier this year with Demilich and Blood Incantation, SCORCHED has just returned from the crushing Poison Fumes Over North America MMXVIII across the East Coast. The tour saw them supporting Portuguese black/death sect and labelmates, The Ominous Circle, and included a set at the massive Migration Festival in Pittsburgh.

Watch for additional live announcements, audio samples, and more from SCORCHED in the weeks ahead.

SCORCHED returns with their second full-length experiment in barbarity, their first new full-length since 2016’s Echoes Of Dismemberment. Earlier in 2018, 20 Buck Spin collected the body of the band’s non-LP material onto the Excavated For Evisceration platter, reintroducing the band under the label’s banner. And yet, Excavated… served as mere appetizer to the main course of Ecliptic Butchery, a sadistic tale of deep space terror and desolate inhumanity smeared in blood red brutality. The eerie bizarre intro of “Blood Splatter Eclipse” sets the unearthly mood of a place far beyond. The band fades in with a savagely slow churn indicating a crossover to a domain where piercing shrieks of pain are to be indifferently lost in the lifeless expanse of the void. The hopeless punishment continues as “Exhibits Of Torture” are everywhere and the “Mortuary Of Nightmares” leads only deeper into the horror until finally a formless mass of “Dissected Humanity” is all that remains.