SATAN: Atom By Atom Full-Length From Heavy Metal Giants Streaming In Full At Invisible Oranges; Release Day Draws Near


Following teasers from Metal Hammer and Decibel Magazine, today Invisible Oranges delivers Atom By Atom, the impending new full-length from heavy metal giants, SATAN, in its horn-raising entirety!

Reaping critical accolades both stateside and abroad, The Metal Observer gushes in a recent 9/10 review, “Out of all the bands who have reunited in the last half-decade, SATAN are still the band to beat when it comes to releasing excellent heavy metal of the highest order… Atom By Atom is a fantastic record that cements their importance in style.” Two Guys Metal Reviews concurs naming Atom By Atom, “the most worthwhile listen from these dudes yet,” furthering, “It’s encouraging to see a band of SATAN‘s level and notoriety still putting out top notch material in 2015… Atom By Atom is living proof that SATAN are only going to get better as the years progress. Reminiscent of all the magic of the ’80s and yet more evolved than any of their early recordings, this record sees the band charging boldly forward into a brave new world that shall never be forgotten!” In a near-perfect 9/10 score, Worship Metal crowned the record their “Album Of The Week” noting, “Exquisite riffs abound, Brian Ross’ vocals soar like never before and SATAN‘s kingdom is a stronghold of modern yet classic heavy metal that’s beyond shit hot; it’s positively searing. Atom By Atom bleeds quality from every last morsel; a stunning tour de force from a group of musicians who somehow, after 35+ years in the business, are operating at a level most bands can only dream of. We expected Atom By Atom to be good but this is Album Of The Year material right here. Ave Satana!” In a 5/6 rating, Metal Invader champions an, “unpolished diamond of heavy metal,” that’s, “raw, with a pure smell of the ’80s all around… classic SATAN as we know and cherish them.” Of vocalist Brian Ross specifically, the publication adds, “the voice that never ages, the voice that never fades, my god…you listen to him and you wonder if he’s in 2015 or still in 1983, especially, since the album opens with killer screaming this is where you begin to understand the greatness and the majesty of his voice.”

Adds Invisible Oranges of Atom By Atom, “Many say that music is a young man’s game, but there’s evidence to the contrary such as last year’s Triptykon record, Melana Chasmata, and this year’s Paradise Lost record, The Plague Within. Add Atom by Atom, the fourth album by NWOBHM underdogs SATAN to that list. The band still plays the not-quite-thrash style that they always did, but this new material doesn’t feel like it’s couched in nostalgia. The members of SATAN have heard what’s been done with velocity and note choices since. The modern informs their more classic approach, and the result is probably their most satisfying album since the original Court In The Act.”

Hear Atom By Atom in full courtesy of Invisible Oranges at THIS LOCATION.

Founded in Newcastle, England in 1979, SATAN was part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. Though generally obscure throughout their career, the band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980s. Their lineup has undergone numerous personnel changes over the years and even changes in band name. For a time the band was called Blind Fury, putting out one album – 1985’s Out Of Reach – under that moniker before reverting back to SATAN shortly thereafter. In 1988, the group changed its name again to The Kindred and then yet again to Pariah, releasing two albums under that name before folding in the early ’90s. In 1997, Pariah released another album. The band’s shifting lineup has included members of many other heavy metal bands such as Blitzkrieg, Rough Edge, Pariah, Atomkraft, Avenger, Persian Risk, Cronos and Battleaxe. In 1990, guitarist Steve Ramsey and bassist Graeme English together with singer Martin Walkyier of UK thrash metal band Sabbat founded folk metal act Skyclad.

Captured at Newcastle’s First Avenue Studios, and mixed and mastered by Dario Mollo (Crossbones, The Cage, Voodoo Hill) who helmed the band’s 2013’s acclaimed comeback album Life Sentence, Atom By Atom includes a collaboration with Angel Witch’s Kevin Heybourne as well as the striking cover renderings of Eliran Kantor (Testament, Sodom, Sigh, Iced Earth etc.) who crafted the art for SATAN‘s previous opus.

Atom By Atom will see release in North America on October 16th via Listenable Records. For preorders point your browser to THIS LOCATION.