RUE: New Track Streaming Via Pitchfork; Album Out Today

In honor of RUE‘s anticipated new full-length, Thorns, being officially released today, Pitchfork Media is hosting a brand new track from the pummeling album. Dropping nearly six-and-a-half minutes of some of the most primal yet diversified riffage from the outfit to date, “For Thousands Of Years” is a prime example of why RUE are a cult favorite within the doom and sludge scenes. Check it out right here.

Previously, the track “Brown” was released via The Obelisk, and is still streaming here.

The first RUE full-length to hit the streets in nearly eight years, Thorns is being released by longtime band cohorts Shifty Records, responsible for unleashing basically all of RUE‘s previous releases to date. The record has gained massive praise from respected media outlets in recent weeks, from virgins to the band’s ultra-aggressive hymns, as well as writers who have waited seven years since raging about the previous album. Thorns is available for direct purchase at this location.

“… may occasionally remind folks of Mastodon — when the guys were knee-deep in sludge and regularly shredding their vocal cords. And like their Georgia elders, the crusty Akron, Ohio quartet’s not afraid of cross-genre pollination…” – Pitchfork

“Sonically, they’re more bent on blending hardcore, heavy rock, doom and sludge than adhering to any single tradition, and on Thorns, the resultant brew isn’t just aggressive; it’s aggressively aggressive.” – The Obelisk

“The musicianship, songwriting, and production has raised the stakes on what a Rue album/song should be…” – Hellride Music

“…Rue kicks out jams which sound just at home on a stage next to Eyehategod or Iron Monkey (R.I.P.) as it would performing at Gilman St. to a bunch of crusties.” – Metal Army America

“…one of the most exciting sludge releases in recent years… A must have. 9.5/10.” – Doommantia

“Rue kicks the ass of 10,000 mules… Enough Said…” – Absolute Zero Media