ROT IN HELL/PSYWARFARE – Operation: Enduring Split LP Declassified

After approximately 14 years of dormancy, many had believed that the black operation military psychological warfare program known informally as PSYWARFARE had been decommissioned and put to rest. Implemented last under the efforts of NATO Operations Allied Force (mission codename: Candyman) and Shining Hope, the project seemed to logically conclude when President William Jefferson Clinton visited troops at Ramstein Air Base on May 5, 1999 and thanked them for their support during the 78-day campaign wherein the sonic terrorism tactics of PSYWARFARE aided in the ceasing of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and the eventual overthrow and indictment of President Slobodan Milošević.

With the ushering in of a new U.S. President and political party at the helm in 2000, members of the GOP voiced sentiment and concern that the program was inhumane and tortuous far beyond all other programs and facilities (Guantanamo Bay, hooding, waterboarding, et al) currently sanctioned by the U.S. Military.

With the second term of the first Democratic U.S. President since Clinton in place over a decade later, rumblings of the PSYWARFARE program began to again surface amongst beltway insiders. In late summer 2013, military officials and Magic Bullet Records confirmed the reinstatement of the program, now headquartered closer to both the Allied Air Command Ramstein and the Hague.

The 2013 incarnation of PSYWARFARE operations has thus far run in tandem and in full cooperation with the British Armed Forces drone strike division (codename: ROT IN HELL). While many of the missions have been run off the grid with dark operatives at the helm, one declassified mission (Operation: Enduring Split LP) will now be made available to citizens at large via the Freedom of Information Act and/or Magic Bullet Records in analog record stores worldwide; digital deployment November 22nd, and physical armament November 29th via white/clear wax.

1. Parthenogenesis
2. Theodolite and Pendulum
3.Poetry of Worms

1. My Lover is the Queen of the Night
2. When Blood Consumed My Knife
3. Draining Bernice Worden
4. Collisional Thought Depravation