RISING Premieres Animated Artwork Video For “Old Jealousy” Via Revolver; Oceans Into Their Graves LP To See April Release Through Indisciplinarian

[photo by Lasse Høgh]

Copenhagen-based metal outfit, RISING, has finalized the details for their looming third LP, Oceans Into Their Graves, and today announces them to the public alongside a foretaste of the triumphant album with a premiere of the track “Old Jealousy” through Revolver Magazine. The first album since their disbanding and revamping process which followed their 2013 Abominor LP, Oceans Into Their Graves sees this new incarnation of the beast hungrier than ever, clawing at the cages to be let loose upon the humans.

Since its genesis in 2008, RISING has displayed relentless, crushing tones, fierce musicianship, and a strong sense for melody and songwriting, their sound slickly melding straightforward classic metal elements with the mammoth amplification and persuasion of upbeat sludge/doom metal. Those traits follow through on Oceans Into Their Graves, yet the melodies soar with even more invigoration, the band’s delivery greased to perfection and operating at full steam, resulting in the band’s undeniably strongest album yet. Boasting nearly forty-five minutes of mega-infectious riff domination, the album was recorded by producer Jacob Bredahl (By The Patient, The Kandidate) at Dead Rat Studios in Aarhus, Denmark, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Sleep, Black Breath, Old Man Gloom).

A video animating the LP’s cover artwork to the track “Old Jealousy” is now playing at Revolver Magazine’ the artwork created by vocalist Morten Grønnegaard, and the video crafted by Grønnegaard and Niclas Höok.

Check out RISING’s “Old Jealousy” at Revolver RIGHT HERE.

On April 29th, the arrival of Oceans Into Their Graves will be upon the masses digitally and on 180-gram black virgin vinyl through Indisciplinarian, with the vinyl being handled in the US as an official Earsplit Distro title. Prior titles are available via Indisiciplinarian’s webshop HERE and Earsplit Distro HERE.

In connection with the release of the new LP, RISING will play a release show in their native town of Copenhagen and will be preparing for additional shows before summer, as well as for the fall of 2016, where the band will tour both Scandinavia and mainland Europe. Stand by for additional audio samples, preorder links, album details, tour dates, and much more on RISING throughout the months ahead.

Oceans Into Their Graves Track Listing:
1. All Dirt
2. Burn Me Black
3. Old Jealousy
4. Blood Moon
5. The Anger
6. Coward Heart
7. Death Of A Giant
8. Killers Of The Mind
9. Waste Deep
10. The Night

Following two self-released EP’s, RISING delivered the outfit’s To Solemn Ash debut LP in 2011 via Exile On Mainstream, and 2013 Abominor follow-up through guitarist and main composer Jacob Krogholt’s then newly founded label Indisciplinarian, along the way seeing them tour Denmark and mainland Europe several times including festival appearances such as Roskilde, Copenhell, and Hultsfred. After the recording Abominor, the trio disbanded due to creative disagreements, leaving the future of RISING uncertain. Krogholt quickly teamed up with original drummer Martin Niemann with the intention of carrying on the band, if the original chemistry of the two founding members was intact. The initial jams in the Fall of 2013 proved that the spark was indeed present and over the next year and a half the duo wrote a wide variety of material that was to be the backbone of the next album. Eventually vocalist Morten Grønnegaard and bassist Bjarke Lassen joined the band, and in mid-late 2015 the band, now a quartet, recorded the new album. While not a part of the album recording, the role as the additional guitarist is now undertaken by the new full-time member Anders Bo Rasmussen, known in the local scene for his work with several Danish indie- and metal-bands. The thematic content of the LP revolves around death in all shapes and on all levels: “From all birth, like all earth, this way all dirt must go…” as Grønnegaard writes in album opener “All Dirt”. Even oceans fall into the graves one day. And rise again in new shapes and forms, as death is essentially connected with life in the ever flowing waves of the universe.

Morten Grønnegaard – vocals
Jacob Krogholt – guitars
Anders Bo Rasmussen – guitars
Bjarke Lassen – bass
Martin Niemann – drums