RHIN: West Virginia Trio Premieres “Uncle Tuck” Video Through Cvlt Nation; Band Books Eastern US Tour Dates

rhin-brendan-foster-fieldhouse-1[photo by Brendan Foster Fieldhouse]

A brand new video by West Virginia-based noise/stoner metal trio RHIN has just been completed and immediately dispatched by the aficionados of the underground at Cvlt Nation. Culled from their third album, Passenger, the video was filmed for the track “Uncle Tuck” by the band at their own House Of Tuck residence where the LP was recorded as well.

Issues Cvlt Nation with the “Uncle Tuck” video premiere, “I love the hypnotic, psychedelic riffs of stoner metal, and the dirty blues of sludge, but I like them even better when they’re mixed in the rebellious, chaotic blender that is noise! West Virginia’s RHIN have a new album in the works entitled Passenger that will make you want to get all fucked up on moonshine and burn some shit!”

Feel free to shred to RHIN’s “Uncle Tuck” at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

The Obelisk also previously premiered “Clay” from Passenger HERE.

Baltimore-based Grimoire Records is preparing the diverse and damaging Passenger for release on splatter vinyl, cassette, and digital formats on May 6th, with a CD pressing following. Preorders are available HERE.

Directly preceding the release of Passenger, RHIN will hook up with their brethren of dirge in Grizzlor for a three-day romp through the Northeast at the very end of April. Also just in, RHIN will inundate the Southeastern and Midwestern states on a more extensive tour with Ratship, whom they recently did a split cassette with, that action running from May 26th through June 5th.

RHIN Tour Dates:
4/28/2016 The Fire – Philadelphia, PA w/ Grizzlor
4/29/2016 Grand Victory – Brooklyn, NY w/ Grizzlor
4/30/2016 Three Sheets – New Haven, CT w/ Grizzlor
5/26/2016 VClub – Huntington, WV w/ Ratship
5/27/2016 The Green Lantern – Lexington, KY w/ Ratship
5/28/2016 Nightmare House on Elm Street – Bowling Green, KY w/ Ratship
5/29/2016 Springwater Bar – Nashville, TN w/ Ratship
5/30/2016 Lost Cross House – Carbondale, IL w/ Ratship
5/31/2016 Black Sheep Cafe – Springfield, IL w/ Ratship
6/01/2016 Institute 4 Creativity – Champaign, IL w/ Ratship
6/02/2016 House Show – Bloomington, IN w/ Ratship
6/03/2016 Modern Cult Records – Louisville, KY w/ Ratship
6/04/2016 Rake’s End – Cincinnati, OH w/ Ratship
6/05/2016 Spacebar – Columbus, OH w/ Ratship

Following their well-received 2014-released Bastard LP, the third album from RHIN sees the band delivering just under thirty-four minutes of pummeling new riffery. Passenger shows these three super talented dudes – bassist/vocalist Dom, drummer Ben, and guitarist Tuck — rip through seven tracks of grungy rock n’roll reminiscent of The Melvins, Fu Manchu, The Sword, Unsane, and early Helmet. Tempos range from punk fast to doom slow and everything in between, while always keeping it ultra-heavy and catchy. Passenger was recorded in one day in October 2015 by Noel Mueller, in basically one take, resulting in an exceptionally live and legit sounding recording. The record was then mixed and mastered by Mueller, and fitted with artwork by Ben Proudman.

rhin - passenger