REALMS OF VISION: Title Track For Through All Unknown Playing At No Echo As LP Nears Release Through Creator-Destructor Records

[photo by Matt Kadi]

As California-based REALMS OF VISION prepares for the release of their second album, Through All Unknown, through Creator-Destructor Records this month, the LP’s title track has been premiered at No Echo alongside an interview with the band.

Delivering a groove-drenched style of psychedelic metal, the members of REALMS OF VISION hail from an array of backgrounds, with Frank Costa (Animosity, Entheos) and Corey Largent on guitars and vocals, Mike Ambrose (Set Your Goals) on drums, and Brandon McCubbin on bass. With nine new tracks, Through All Unknown was recorded by Donald Scully, Mixed by Scott Goodrich, and mastered by Paul Miner, and reveals a combination of influences such as Alice in Chains, High On Fire, Type O Negative and Black Sabbath; an amalgamation of darkness, melody, and esoteric intensity, potently paired with modern slam/death metal tendencies.

No Echo has premiered the title track to the new album alongside a brief interrogation with Costa, in which he states, “‘Through All Unknown’ is my favorite track on the album. We got to touch on a bunch of styles on this one, and it all melded well… The lyrics are about digging deep into who you are, into the society around you, and having the courage to kill your old ideas/old self, and to change things, fearlessly… To take a leap of faith into a new life, more aligned with a higher power and an informed purpose.”

Tap into REALMS OF VISION’s “Through All Unknown” at No Echo RIGHT HERE.

Also hear the previously-released “Deception Mask” at THIS LOCATION.

REALMS OF VISION will release Through All Unknown through Creator-Destructor Records on CD, LP, and digital platforms on March 30th; find preorder options HERE.

Watch for additional audio previews, tour dates, and more to be issued.

From the eerie opening of the intro, “Invoke,” straight into the absolutely decimating sludge/stoner riffage of “State Of Silence,” the listener can tell immediately that these musicians know what they’re doing on Through All Unknown. While combining down-tuned, expertly-written riffs and song-structures is the band’s specialty, the powerful vocals of Costa harken back to the best and darkest aspects of ’90s grunge, with a clean-singing approach that adds crucial memorable hooks to the band’s sound, while not detracting from the sheer heaviness in the slightest. Creating such a unique sound is no easy feat, but REALMS OF VISION has here succeeded in spades.