RAPHAEL WEINROTH-BROWNE: Treble Debuts “Tumult I-II-III” Performance Video From Canadian Cellist / Composer (The Visit, Musk Ox, Leprous) As Worlds Within Live Nears Release

photo Jonathan Lorange

Canadian cellist and composer RAPHAEL WEINROTH-BROWNE today unsheathes his latest live performance video, Tumult I-II-III.” Now playing at Treble, the piece appears on Worlds Within Live, set for release next week.

Originally released independently in January 2020, Worlds Within is a single composition divided into ten spectacular tracks which play out like movements in a classical variation set. The music itself ranges from ethereal and atmospheric to aggressive and intense, combining elements reminiscent of contemporary classical minimalism, metal, post-rock, and even electronic music while retaining its own distinct sonic language.

Comments WEINROTH-BROWNE, “‘Tumult I-II-III’ is a medley of the first three parts of the ‘Tumult’ suite from Worlds Within. It is the dynamic apex of the album and contains some of the more metal-influenced sections as well as some percussion loops, which I created by tapping rhythmically on the bridge pickup and running the signal through a delay pedal. This results in a unique sound reminiscent of electronic/programmed drums, but with a more organic quality. My aim with this portion of the album was to create something both cinematic and heavy, juxtaposing long hypnotic groove sections, guitar-esque solos, and cascading melodies.

“The piece opens with short, fragmented motifs, like disparate thoughts that slowly intertwine and form a tangled web, a mind lost in chaos and confusion. These repeating rhythmic loops are akin to insistent voices that echo over and over again. Each movement of the piece builds up from a single cell to a fully formed structure, dissolving almost as soon as it is complete, with musical themes reconstructing themselves again from nothing like old thoughts in a new guise. This triptych ends as it begins, emerging darkly triumphant from an arduous struggle.”

Adds Treble, “The Canadian composer and cellist creates evocative, emotional instrumental compositions that fall somewhere between post-rock and modern classical music, and his new video for ‘Tumult I-II-III’ is a showcase for the haunting atmosphere and intensity of his performance. In the video, WEINROTH-BROWNE performs in his home studio, looping elements until he creates a kind of one-man symphony. It’s breathtaking.

View RAPHAEL WEINROTH-BROWNE’s “Tumult I-II-III” video at Treble HERE.

View WEINROTH-BROWNE’s previously released live video for “Unending I” and “From Within II” at THIS LOCATION and “From Above” at THIS LOCATION.

Worlds Within Live will be available on CD and digitally July 2nd. Find orders at WEINROTH-BROWNE’s official Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION and all other digital platforms HERE.

Having been an integral creative force in groups such as The Visit, Musk Ox, and Kamancello, as well as having recorded and toured extensively with Norwegian progressive rock/metal band Leprous, Worlds Within sees WEINROTH-BROWNE exploring his cellistic voice even further. The record takes full advantage of the possibilities of the instrument; all of the sounds on the album – melodies, harmonies, riffs, textures, and even percussion – were created on cello with amplification and effects pedals.