RAPHAEL WEINROTH-BROWNE: Canadian Cellist/Composer (The Visit, Musk Ox, Leprous) To Release Series Of Live In-Studio Performance Videos From Worlds Within Debut

photo by Jonathan Lorange

Earlier this year, Canadian cellist and composer RAPHAEL WEINROTH-BROWNE unveiled a stunning performance video featuring “Unending I” and “From Within II.” The tracks come from his critically adored solo debut Worlds Within which was released independently in January 2020. The video serves as the first in a series of performance clips from Worlds Within, ultimately culminating in a live recording of the album in its entirety, with pre-orders to be available on June 4th.

A single composition divided into ten tracks which play out like movements in a classical variation set, Worlds Within is a cinematic sound collage that plays on the listener’s perception of time, evolving gradually and fluidly, but always in motion. The music itself ranges from ethereal and atmospheric to aggressive and intense, combining elements reminiscent of contemporary classical minimalism, metal, post-rock, and even electronic music while retaining its own distinct sonic language.

Comments WEINROTH-BROWNE, “Realizing Worlds Within in the studio was more of a process of discovery rather than one of conscious creation. Long after its release, I felt that I was still getting to know the music and understand its nature. Learning to recreate the album live was an extension of this process which has taken me full circle, back to the initial impulse from which this music took seed, much in the same way that the record itself has a cyclical journey that ends where it started, rather than a linear path.”

View “Unending I” and “From Within II” at THIS LOCATION.

Worlds Within – produced by WEINROTH-BROWNE, recorded and mixed by Dean Watson, and mastered by Alan Douches – is available now on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. For orders, visit Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION and all other digital platforms HERE.

Having been an integral creative force in groups such as The Visit, Musk Ox, and Kamancello, as well as having recorded and toured extensively with Norwegian progressive rock/metal band Leprous, Worlds Within sees WEINROTH-BROWNE exploring his cellistic voice even further. The record takes full advantage of the possibilities of the instrument; all of the sounds on the album – melodies, harmonies, riffs, textures, and even percussion – were created on cello with amplification and effects pedals.

“His music is an impasto painting, building upon itself with his bow (and fingers) serving as the brush…” – Decibel

“Those with even a passing interest in modern classical, or the use of classical instruments in rock and metal, should pay attention to RAPHAEL WEINROTH-BROWNE and Worlds Within… though formally classical, Worlds Within is the sound of a classical instrumentalist and composer who loves the aesthetics of metal so offers more than you may assume.” – Angry Metal Guy

“Worlds Within truly does feel like an entire universe of deep personal inquiry and emotional turmoil.” – The Prog Mind

RAPHAEL-WEINROTH-BROWNE infers great depth through organic and practical methodology, etching out a larger dramatic vision through naturalized shades of post-rock and electronic ambiance within a greater-branching classical piece.” – Grizzly Butts

“…dark, rarely playful, but enthralling and intriguing all at the same time.” – Progressor

RAPHAEL WEINROTH-BROWNE opens up new mind spheres for you as a listener that you will gladly explore, as everything in there is fully captivating and diverting… a sonic diamond.” – The Black Planet

WEINROTH-BROWNE has crafted something masterful with his newest work. Any fan of post-classical owes it to themselves to hear this out.” – Swordfish Blog

“Worlds Within combines elements of contemporary classical music, post-rock and electronics, although every one of its vast array of sounds is created by the cello.” – Ottawa Citizen

“…a perfect example of how a classical instrument can sway and hypnotize, cleverly attaching itself to conjuring up visions and images.” – At The Barrier

“Worlds Within is incredibly special and delicate and is an album that is truly an expression of being human.” – Astral Noize UK

“… quite simply, beautiful… The album is awash with emotion and color.” – Echoes And Dust

“[Worlds Within] balances post-rock, contemporary classical music, and the most tasteful aspects of metal. It would have never occurred to me to blend such aspects together, but RAPHAEL weaves things together masterfully. – A Miscellany Of Tasteful Music