RABBITS: The Infestation Of Untoward Nearly Complete; Third LP Now Playing At American Aftermath

Now just days from full contamination of the human population is the malicious contagion known as Untoward, borne of Portland-based vermin, RABBITS.

Through RABBITS‘s blaring amplification and sarcastic, parasitic methodology, the outsider trio unloads nearly a half-hour of their most centered but dynamic aggravation yet on Untoward. Exhaustingly tracked live to tape at Type Foundry, in Portland for the full hometown experience in one day and mixed in two, the engineering duties on Untoward were tag-teamed by Jeremy Romagna (Trees, Tecumseh, Wives) and Fester (Nux Vomica, Usnea, Stoneburner), collectively responsible for the majority of the band’s previous recordings, then mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering, Untoward will be released on August 12th via Lamb Unlimited, the label spawned of Chris Spencer of Unsane and Alan Schneider of No More Records.

American Aftermath is offering up an exclusive full-on romp through the spanking machine that is Untoward at THIS LOCATION.

Preorders for the digital delivery as well as 12″ 150-gram black wax cut at 45 RPM guaranteed to rip your face off are available HERE.

As the Untoward infection spreads, the reactions being transmitted by the humans have been strangely in favor of this ravenous breed and their output. In a write up of the album, The Onion’s A.V. Club issued, “The Portland power-trio known as RABBITS is neither warm nor fuzzy–and if it’s proof you need, refer to the band’s new album, Untoward. Like a shovelful of sludge to the skull, the record reeks of blood, mud, and the rancid pheromones of AmRep veterans like Cows and Killdozer.” Invisible Oranges hailed the band’s originality: “In a noise rock scene dulled by younger musicians trying to be someone else, RABBITS have been RABBITS. Lines can be drawn – you could add the descriptor ‘heavier’ to Flipper or Shorty and be in the ballpark – but nothing really sticks besides ‘RABBITS.'” Scratch The Surface reviewed the album, stating, “Untoward stuns and disorients, hypnotizes and invigorates. Swampy riffs, marching pulses and a noisy thunder all marry up with a handful of mental illnesses and warm, inviting tone to take the listener on a trip they weren’t expecting,” and Verbicide’s raging review throws down, “Once again, RABBITS prove they are one of the better noise-punk bands out there… RABBITS have delivered an excellent slab of noisy, filthy punk rock. Their ability to absorb outside influences makes even more deadly. For fans of noise rock, this one is a no brainer…”

RABBITS will spread the illness at the upcoming three-day, seven-show, twenty-five-band D.I.Y. “anti-fest” dubbed Festicide, August 15th through 17th, booked by RABBITS and their resurrected outsider label, Eolian Empire, the Untoward release show to be a free matinee with their Eolian cohorts Honduran, Diesto, and Towers. The following week, Seattle gets hit hard, as the band will invade the studios at local radio station KEXP on Saturday, August 23rd for a live session which will be broadcast at the stroke of midnight that night. While the transmission is being prepared that evening, RABBITS will raid the town to perform with Prizehog and The Great Goddamn. The next day RABBITS and Prizehog as well as Same-Sex Dictator will perform a matinee show at Marginal Way Skatepark, which also includes a gnarly skate contest and BBQ. And in October they return to Europe with true Norwegian noise-rockers Ã…rabrot, with nine shows currently slabbed and more coming together.

8/16/2014 East End – Portland, OR @ Festicide w/ Honduran, Diesto, Towers [free matinee]
8/23/2014 The Victory Lounge – Seattle, WA w/ Prizehog, The Great Goddamn
8/24/2014 Marginal Way Skatepark – Seattle, WA w/ Prizehog, Same-Sex Dictator [matinee]
9/14/2014 Slabtown – Portland, OR [matinee], with VX Gas Attack, Redneck, and A Volcano [all-ages matinee]
9/30/2014 The Know – Portland, OR w/ Drunk Dad, Honduran
European tour w/ Ã…rabrot:
10/10/2014 Blitz – Oslo, Norway
10/13/2014 Magasin 4 – Brussels, Belgium
10/15/2014 Star & Garter – Manchester, UK
10/16/2014 13th Note – Glasgow, UK
10/17/2014 The Windmill – London, UK
10/18/2014 Greed Door Store – Brighton, UK
10/19/2014 The Pits – Kortrijk, Belgium
10/20/2014 La Zone – Liege, Belgium
10/21/2014 Terminus – Rennes, France