PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT: Occult Rock Mystics To Release Sound Of The Wind Stateside February 27th Via Listenable Records; Album Stream + Videos Now Playing

Florence, Italy-based occult rock mystics PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT will release their Sound Of The Wind full-length in the US on February 27th via Listenable Records.

Released to critical-acclaim in Europe late last year, Sound Of The Wind was captured at Elfo Recording Studio and mastered by Brian Lucey (Ghost). Forged in 2015 by vocalist Virginia Monti and heavily influenced by the ancient doom and blues teachings of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, and Free as well as of the obscure side of the Italian music scene long ago led by Goblin and Ennio Morricone, PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT‘s meticulous meld of blues and classic hard rock with in-depth occult-themed lyrics and imagery is at once vivid and all-consuming.

Sound Of The Wind follows PSYCHEDELIC WITHCRAFT‘s 2015 Black Magic Man EP (Taxi Driver Records), their 2016 critically-lauded debut full-length The Vision (Soulseller Records) and 2017’s Magick Rites And Spells compilation (Soulseller Records), a collection of tracks not included in the debut album.

View the band’s previously released videos for “Lords Of The War” and “Rising On The Edge” and stream the record below.

Champions Team Rock of Sound Of The Wind, “The Florence-based four-piece rise above their peers thanks to the mesmerizing, smokey snarl of Virginia Monti’s vocals and the blues/classic hard rock guitar of Jacopo Fallai, adding a sexy, wicked vibe to their occult lyrics. Between the two instrumental bookends, ‘Maat’ and ‘Horizons,’ ‘Lords Of The War’ buries a classic blues riff still sporting ZZ Top’s beard hair underneath lithe grooves and witchy rallying cries, the title track is a sultry, intoxicated slumber, and ‘Rising On The Edge’ is broadcast direct from Highway 666.” Distorted Sound writes, “PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT have returned on top form with Sound Of The Wind, as they explore the depth of their sound and tap into your mind with each track. It’s an album to sit down, cut off the world, and immerse yourself in as they take you on a blues/doom infused journey that really manages to revitalize and give a breath of fresh air into a genre that’s otherwise typically bleak… Continuing on this trajectory, we can see PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT becoming a big thing over the next few years.” Uncivil Revolt concurs, “This album is fantastic from front to back…legitimate old school rock, in the modern world.”

Finding Sound Of The Wind ordering info HERE.

A track by track breakdown of the record can be found below.

1. “Maat” – “‘Maat’ is the ancient concept of truth and order, harmony and justice. ‘Maat’ was considered responsible for both human and divine actions. This track introduces listeners to the album, creating a magical atmosphere. It represents disorder becoming order and harmony.”

2. “Lords Of The War” – “‘Lords Of The War’ speaks about the sin of war on earth. It represents the common human being that suddenly finds himself in the middle of the conflict. He won’t surrender; he will fight the lords of the war in the name of its freedom.”

3. “Wild We Go” – “This track is a deep call to our true nature. It’s intimate advice not to deny ourselves what we really love. It’s all about wearing no mask and being free.”

4. “Sound Of The Wind” – “This track is inspired by two factors. The first, is our love for Jefferson Airplane and the psychedelic ‘White Rabbit’ vibe. The second, the Air element. Sound is the manifestation of the Air element; it is invisible, but its reality can be felt in the air that we breathe every day. As The Stars tarot card that is associated with the Air element, the ‘Sound Of The Wind’ express intelligence and inner creativity.”

5. “Turn Me On” – “This one is pretty much inspired by the psychedelic ’70s rock era. It expresses our love and dedication to artists such as Jimi Hendrix and The Faces. It’s very energic; it’s a track to go on full rampage with.”

6. “Rising On The Edge” – “This is a very personal song. It was written during a bad period where a big change was needed. That’s what the story is about: life and struggle; rising from the grave.”

7. “The Warrens” – “This one is all about the historic couple of supernatural seekers, the Warrens, which inspired The Conjuring movie series and Annabelle. The Warrens are known to be one of the most famous supernatural seekers. The story of the Warrens is so fascinating and there has always been the desire to make a song about that.”

8. “Sin Of Mine” – “This one is basically about sex, seen in a pretty funny and bluesy way. It also speaks about the physical addiction you can get from a person, still in a funny and positive way.

9. “Let Me Be Myself” – “‘Let Me Be Myself’ has a universal meaning, even though it comes from deep personal experiences. It’s about feeling imprisoned in a relationship or situation that constantly tries to change us. At the end of day, we won’t ever change our true nature.”

10. “Horizons” – “The last track of the album is about freedom and liberation from everything that oppresses us. It also represents us as a band moving forward to the next work. Every note in this track stands for a warm goodbye.

Virginia Monti – vocals
Riccardo Giuffrè – bass
Jacopo Fallai – guitar
Mirko Buia – drums