PRO-PAIN Release Trailer For 20 Years Of Hardcore

PRO-PAIN have just released a trailer to promote their massive new CD/DVD collection, 20 Years Of Hardcore, which hits officially the streets in North America this Tuesday, August 30th. Check it out below!

20 Years Of Hardcore is much more than just a “greatest hits” or random compilation of tracks. The CD kicks off with four brand new tracks to get things moving! The disc also contains four re-recorded tracks (featuring PRO-PAIN alumni Rob Moschetti, JC Dwyer, Mike Hanzel and Eric Klinger), cover songs, and a fourteen-song live set filmed in the Czech Republic, in total bearing over 78 minutes of material! The DVD that joins the disc contains over 90 minutes of additional material, including tons of live footage featuring several full concerts, as well as fan-filmed footage and tons of extras, making this an absolute must-have for any fan of PRO-PAIN‘s patented, groove-laden thunder.