PRIMATE: Hardcore Grinders Confirm South Pacific January Tour

Just confirmed, hardcore punk pirates, PRIMATE have locked down a Winter assault on the South Pacific this January, with a week-and-a-half of soiling venues across Japan, Australia and New Zealand now on their calendar. Watch in horror as the henchmen Kevin Sharp, Dave Whitworth, Shayne Huff, Bill Kelliher and Mike Brennan, the act brutally dispatching their unhinged and malicious grindcore-infused auditory wrath upon these three nations. Also joining the invasion will be Portland’s crossover thrashers Wehrmacht and legendary Swedish death metal assassins, Grave.

At the end of 2012, PRIMATE decimated a good portion of the American East Coast with a similar style attack, on that run supporting minions High On Fire and a host of others, the trek preceded by other quick regional invasions throughout the country in support of their debut LP, Draw Back A Stump. Initially released on the band’s own initiative, Relapse Records recruited the clan to their roster to help inundate the planet with the album on a more massive scale and with a remixed/boosted auditory punch and additional armaments. The Atlanta-based quintet takes it back to the early days of punk and hardcore when unharnessed energy and devastating speed was the only way to live. To place oneself in the band’s way is simply irresponsible.

Stream Draw Back A Stump in its entirety at PRIMATE’S BANDCAMP PAGE.

PRIMATE 2014 South Pacific Tour w/ Grave, Wehrmacht:
1/07/2014 Pangea – Osaka, Japan
1/08/2014 Unit – Tokyo, Japan
1/10/2014 Hi-Fi – Brisbane, Australia [info]
1/11/2014 Hi-Fi – Sydney, Australia [info]
1/12/2014 The Bendigo Hotel – Melbourne, Australia [info]
1/14/2014 The Hi-Fi – Melbourne, Australia [info]
1/16/2014 The Brisbane Hotel – Hobart, Australia [info]
1/17/2014 Enigma – Adelaide, Australia [info]
1/18/2014 Civic Hotel – Perth, Australia [info]
1/20/2013 The King’s Arms – Auckland, New Zealand [info]