Portland’s Noise Vermin RABBITS Re-Launch Eolian Empire

The hindgut digesters in Portland-based noise/metal trio RABBITS recently revamped and re-launched local D.I.Y. label Eolian Empire, with new viscous pellets out now and more in the works. Initially started by RABBITS‘ road dog and “fourth member,” Daniel Abell, Eolian Records was the burrow where the first few releases from RABBITS and others were birthed, at the time Abell also rooted in local act UNDER MOUNTAINS.

Following a litter of releases from Portland acts THE CYSTS, GONE TO CROATOAN, PURPLE RHINESTONE EAGLE, ACRE, CITY OF CHURCHES, ORDER OF THE GASH, SLAM DUNK as well as UNDER MOUNTAINS and RABBITS, the steam behind Eolian cooled for several years. That is until recently when the other members thumped new life into it. And now, the infestation is happening; several new Eolian releases are ready to bust out of the cage and maul your goddamn crops.

Following the killer response to last year’s Good To Die Records-released Bites Rites LP, subsequently followed by the postcard-style “Straight Edge”/”Wasted” Flexihead, RABBITS have taken things into their own paws and will use the Eolian Empire to infiltrate society further. The clan’s Relapse Records’ debut album Lower Forms will see a fatass 180-gram LP repressing, having been out-of-print on vinyl for some time now.

In addition, a split 7″ release between RABBITS and avant noise masters ÅRABROT will also spill forth in conjunction with a joint Summer tour of the European continent. Further details on the cooperative release and live itinerary will be deposited once things have been digested further up the chain of organs.

A select discography from UNDER MOUNTAINS was just released March 1st, capturing the majority of material concocted in the three-year existence of the short-lived but much-loved act’s legacy. Having transplanted to Portland from Florida, the trio took over a house previously used for an indoor illegal cat-breeding operation and fashioned it into an artist compound; Project: Brodome. In the Brodome basement lab the members concocted their own fucked-up formula for lo-tech, progged-out, dirty doom. Slow drones, mad math, blasts of feral noise, and off-the-wall hooks come together to form “epic tar-pit battle anthems” (Crucial Blast) that are “pretty dang catchy” (Aquarius Records), and bring forth “visions of robots battling dwarf aliens in misty bogs” (Portland Mercury). Forty-eight mind-bending minutes of precision guitars, bowling-ball bass, and wild animal drums dragging you by the ears to who knows where… All the education you need. The collection is out now via digital download and a limited-run cassette.

Also to be set loose… Late April will see the release of Keep Our Heads, an Eolian compilation cassette of exclusive tracks from a massive arsenal of twenty-six Portland bands including GAYTHIEST, LORD DYING, NORSKA, PRIZE HOG, LKN and a whole pile of other gnarly riffers. This Summer will see releases from ethical scumbags DRUNK DAD, avant punks BIG BLACK CLOUD, hardcore savants HONDURAN, harsh noiser REDNECK, and prog-doomsters DIESTO.

More news on these and other Eolian Empire conquests will be spat forth as these skittery leporidae continue to spread their cecotropes all year. Dig?