PORNOHELMUT: Texas Audiovisual Guerrilla To Perform Southwestern US Tour Dates Supporting Octopoulpe; Bang Lord Debut Album Out Now + New Material Under Construction

Texas-based audiovisual percussion guerilla PORNOHELMUT has announced new tour dates for the weeks ahead, while immersed in the creation of new material.

The output of PORNOHELMUT – aka percussionist/visual artist Neil Barrett, formerly of BLK OPS, The Dead See, and more – has drawn musical comparisons to Fantômas, Lightning Bolt, Death Grips, Boredoms, Igorrr, Ruins, and other boundary-destroying artists. His visual dementia has been witnessed through videos he’s created for Today Is The Day, Primitive Man, Cave Bastard, and others,

With this outfit, Barrett fires point-blank on all cylinders blasting a debilitating alloy of explosive drums/percussion, synths, vocals, and more at the listener. In a live setting, the visuals take on a commanding aspect of the performance, controlled rhythmically by the drumming and shifting haphazardly between gnarled found footage, spastic animations, and original content, often with segues of glitched out video mixing and eerie, garbled audio samples.

PORNOHELMUT released its bizarre and infectious Bang Lord debut album in early 2020. A multifaceted crystallization of industrial noise, punk rock, metal, experimental electronics, and violently enigmatic percussion that tests the boundaries and proclivities of underground music at large, Bang Lord was engineered by creator Neil Barrett at Hell’s Kitchen, mastered by James Plotkin, its artwork created by Josh Paul.

Having returned to live performances with several shows in Mexico earlier this year, later this month, PORNOHELMUT will venture out on its longest live run since before the pandemic, providing support for fellow drum/percussion audiovisual solo outfit, South Korean-based Octopoulpe, the tour originally planned to take place two years ago when the world was going into lockdowns. PORNOHELMUT will provide support on seven shows of the month-long tour, playing New Orleans, Shreveport, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Amarillo, and Albuquerque from April 22nd through 28th. See confirmed dates below and watch for additional live excursions to be announced throughout the year.

PORNOHELMUT is also in the process of hatching new material, including the first of several fully audiovisual releases with New York-based harsh experimental entity Gridfailure, which will see release later this year. A new album and more will also follow.

Stream PORNOHELMUT’s gnarled Bang Lord RIGHT HERE and see the videos for “Astroglide” HERE and “Night Rider” HERE.

Bang Lord is now available on all digital services via Atypeek Music HERE and on limited gold audio cassette via PORNOHELMÜT’s Show & Tell Media imprint HERE.

PORNOHELMUT w/ Octopoulpe:
4/22/2022 The Goat – New Orleans, LA
4/23/2022 Minicine? – Shreveport, LA
4/24/2022 Mission – San Antonio, TX
4/25/2022 The Lost Well – Austin, TX
4/26/2022 Wits End – Dallas, TX
4/27/2022 Leftwoods Pub – Amarillo, TX
4/28/2022 Moonlight Lounge – Albuquerque, NM

“There’s looped break beats, drum and bass, old computer game sonics and pretty much everything including a probable kitchen sink thrown into the chaotic maelstrom as we continue. It’s music for broken down robots with distemper, abandoning servile posts and turning on their creators.” – Ave Noctum

“Lots of cool polyrhythms and odd textures, but for music this experimental it’s wrapped up in a fairly accessible package.” Toilet Ov Hell

“Following a timeline where Lightning Bolt inspired dance crazes, PORNOHELUMUT adds persistent rhythms to crispy synths and some grim vocals to produce a pretty evocative album. While known for his live show, PORNOHELUMUT shows that he’s able to translate his sound effectively to studio album.” – Musique Machine

“We all know that the world is in a fucked up state right now, so some fucked in the head music just might help us get our minds right!” – Cvlt Nation

“We speed down a highway with no end, the painted street lines whipping beneath us before twisting into an illusion that erodes consciousness itself. Make no mistake, this is definitely your brain drugs, and that drug is named PORNOHELMUT.” Everything Is Noise