PORD: French Noisefarmers Deliver “Staring Into Space” Video; European Mini Tour Begins This Week


French noise rock trio, PORD, has just released a new video for the track “Staring Into Space,” hailing from their sophomore LP, Wild, released last year via Solar Flare Records, as the band takes to the highways with a short European tour.

“Staring Into Space” jam is cranked-up with that pounding but smooth Unsane/Hammerhead-inspired boom PORD specializes in intoxicating the public with. Yet another example of the comedic side of these rural rampagers, the video fashioned for the track has a wonderful time playing with the idyllic golden era of the daily grind through a Frankenstein’d collage of vintage footage, resulting in a lunatic parade of nonstop entertainment.

Get ripped to PORD’s “Staring Into Space” on the company’s time at THIS LOCATION.

The just-as-awesome video for Wild‘s “I’m Swimming Home” is also playing HERE and the album streaming/available for purchase digitally, on CD, and on black or swamp green/bone splatter vinyl HERE.

PORD embarks on a new tour run this week, with seven new shows all over France and one in Belgium beginning this Saturday, October 17th, running through the 24th.

PORD Tour Dates:
10/17/2015 Péniche Igel Rock – Douai, FR
10/18/2015 Le Barlok – Bruxelles, BE
10/20/2015 De Bruit Et D’Encre – Rouen, FR
10/21/2015 Mac Daid’s – Le Havre, FR
10/22/2015 L’Elaboratoire – Rennes, FR
10/23/2015 Le Zinor – Montaigu, FR
10/24/2015 Chez Mathieu – Blois, FR

From the sprawling backwoods and farmlands of Lozère, PORD delivers a caustic but cohesive style of slick noise rock as demonstrated on Wild. The album shows a renewed sense of musical evolution since their earlier recordings, with a faster pace and more precise execution in their delivery, the band’s taut and aggressive sound remaining intact through the nearly forty-minute album, which was recorded at Rec Studio in Geneva with Serge Morattel (Knut, Tantrum, Ventura).

The Obelisk praised Wild, issuing, “Not short on atmosphere but sacrificing nothing in terms of efficiency in their pummel, PORD unveil a vicious strain of noise that’s anchored by deep low end and positioned sonically for righteous defiance.” American Aftermath called the album, “40 minutes of intense, noise laden rock and roll that would make Amphetamine Reptile blush… dirty, rumbling bass lines and sparse, dissonant guitars that eventually lead into a hard rock stampede hellbent on causing blunt-force trauma.” And Last Rites webzine reported, “Their longevity leads to a tightness only achievable through hundreds and hundreds of hours of playing; the jumps are sharp as knives, cutting time signatures and musical motifs like the deftest of surgeons… Wild is a dirty album in all the ways that make noise rock such a visceral and inviting listen.”

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