Plastic Head Music Launches American Operation Via EMI Label Services-Caroline Distribution

Plastic Head Music today confirms the launch of its North American office. The newly created American division will be headed up Paula Hogan with Edward Christie coordinating details in the company’s London office. Logistics and distribution will be handled with existing label partners Candlelight Records and EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution..

Currently ranked England’s seventh largest distributor, Plastic Head Music carries a diverse range of music and DVD titles from over 300 record labels. Founded by Director Steve Beatty, the company’s title base exceeds 40,000 including over 6,000 exclusive clothing items and 5,000 specialist vinyl titles. The American division is set to release more than 100 titles before year’s end with more on tap for early 2011.

Located outside London, Plastic Head Music has built its reputation firmly on the results of its achievements. The company employs a dedicated staff of fifty-eight that works closely to ensure superior service and support. It’s the insistence for quality and dedication that has kept the company’s loyal partners successful for nearly two decades. American operations will be located outside Philadelphia in cooperation with label partner Candlelight Records. Candlelight co-director Edward Christie says, “having worked with Caroline and now EMI for the last ten years we have built a strong working relationship. They understand what we are about and this new operation is a very natural move for both of us. The existing relationships will allow the new company the ability to work with a much larger and more varied product base and help open up the USA to many more European labels.”

Plastic Head Director Steve Beatty comments, “I am so excited for this has been a long time coming. After nearly ten successful years working with EMI Label Services and Caroline Distribution on co-owned label Candlelight Records, it feels right to launch our new North American operation. It’s a tried and tested relationship. I don’t see it as a bold step; I see it as a logical step. Plastic Head’s truly worldwide distribution network has a strong partner and we have ambitions to be a mover in the North American distribution market. The USA is a massive market with European labels finding it hard to get any distribution at all let alone one with a UK and American office that talks to each other constantly exchanging information and making the right decisions to maximize our efforts. Plastic Head has made a huge step in what it can offer its European labels.”

Executive Vice President EMI Music Services North America Dominic Pandiscia adds, “”we are thrilled to forge this relationship between EMI Label Services/Caroline and Plastic Head USA. Plastic Head represents a significant number of unique labels and artists and we look forward to help drive their visibility across the market.”

Plastic Head North America will start its US release schedule beginning August 10. Planned titles include releases from 1349, Burzum, Dark Tranquillity, Forbidden, Holy Terror, Meshuggah, Thin Lizzy and Vader. August 24 will bring titles from Bathory, Behemoth, Borknagar, Manowar, Sabbat and Venom.