PHAL:ANGST: Viennese Industrial Post-Rock Collective Premieres New “Despair II” Video (Remixed By Dälek’s Will Brooks) Via BrooklynVegan; Phase IV Full-Length Out Now On Bloodshed666

Photo by Klaus Pichler

View / Share PHAL:ANGST “Despair II” (Deadverse Remix By MC Dälek) At THIS LOCATION

Vienna-based industrial post-rock collective PHAL:ANGST are pleased to undrape the official new video for “Despair II” as remixed by Will Brooks, aka MC Dälek. The track comes courtesy of the band’s Phase IV full-length released last fall via Bloodshed666 and is currently available for your viewing pleasures via BrooklynVegan.

Issues the band of the track, “The original track is a sequel to ‘Despair’ from our second album Shiver With Cold (2009). Will Brooks’ remix of ‘Despair II’ gives the track a surprisingly sunny angle finding solace in the void; finally accepting defeat and retreating within. Peace? Perhaps. The video is a mixture of creative commons shots and original shots with Simon Frühwirth, the actor from our first video/single ‘On The Run’ (from the current album, Phase IV). Content wise, it could be about inner life and the outside world, conflict, harmony and progress. One could read it as a sequel or an addition to the ‘On The Run’ teenage angst video. It’s nice that ‘On The Run’ was the first and this is the last video/single to the Phase IV album cycle. It puts a nice bracket on the whole thing. Of course, we don’t want to give too much of guidance to the content of the video (and the song); it is art. We are already working on songs for a new album now.”

View “Despair II,” (Deadverse remix by MC Dälek) courtesy of BrooklynVegan, at THIS LOCATION, where Phase IV can also be streamed in full.

View the band’s previously released videos for “On The Run” and “Despair II” HERE.

Recorded and co-produced by Alexandr Vatagin (Valeot Records, Slon, Tupolev, Port Royal, Werner Kitzmüller) and mastered by New York-based acclaimed sound engineer Alex Psaroudakis, PHAL:ANGST‘s Phase IV includes two remixes: the aforementioned “Despair II” remix by Will Brooks aka MC Dälek of Dälek and “The Books,” presented by industrial metal pioneer JK Flesh aka Justin Broadrick of Godflesh.

Phase IV is available on gatefold double LP, digipack CD, and digitally. Orders are currently available HERE and HERE.

Since the band’s formation in 2006, PHAL:ANGST‘s signature, unclassifiable sound has drawn in curious listeners with cinematographic epics inspired by artists like Front 242, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound, Kraftwerk, Einstürzende Neubauten, film works by Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch and John Carpenter, and Goblin, as well as guitar driven bands like Earth, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Jesu, Neurosis, and Mogwai.

PHAL:ANGST manifests a mood that is generally dystopian and melancholic, however some sunny spells occasionally break the gloom. As was the case with past efforts, tracks take their time to develop, grow, mutate, and tilt. Visuals turn the band’s live concerts into intense, multimedia performances.

PHAL:ANGST…do a good job in putting the nightmarish dystopia of modern city life into music… Whatever it is that is at the core of PHAL:ANGST‘s fascination with the desperate sides of life, they sure do it with consequence.” – Cracked

“I feel broken inside… I feel fragile inside… I feel anger in my blood! I feel the emotional sonic wave that is the new song from PHAL:ANGST called ‘The Books,’…This song has so many textures, it’s almost too hard to put into words.” – Cvlt Nation On “The Books”

PHAL:ANGST are somewhere in between industrial and post-rock, constructing ten-minute epics filled with gritty guitars, creeping tempos, and cinematic overtones…emotionally devastating…” – The Answer Is In The Beat

PHAL:ANGST‘s ‘Despair II’ video left us lonely, cold and broken…” – PureGrainAudio

“…a mix of industrial and post rock which is very much dystopian and fueled by thoughts of the inevitable end of the world… the production here is fantastic really giving exceptional clarity to each and every tone and nuance.” – Ave Noctum

“…a dark and eerie set of music, balancing heavy electronic elements with elegant and haunting melodies, sometimes with spoken-word passages and sometimes with proper vocals, but always with more than their share of apocalyptic dread.” – Treble