PALE MISERY: Decibel Premieres New Track From Louisiana Blackened Crust Trio; Black Candles And Gutter Scum To See Release Next Week

Photo by Robley Dupleix

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming “No Choice” from Louisiana blackened crust trio PALE MISERY. The crushing psalm comes courtesy of the band’s Black Candles And Gutter Scum debut, slated to set the world ablaze May 31st.

Writes Decibel, “The album title from Louisiana antagonists PALE MISERY invokes images of hidden rituals and down ‘n’ out despondence. From the album’s first harrowing swell of synth and feedback you can smell the incense swirling from dark rooms and the puke curdling in cobblestone streets. PALE MISERY‘s blackened crust roars from the first breath of ‘No Choice.’ The guitar’s buzzsaw bite inspires headbanging alongside toxic snarls as their sludgy groove gives way to discordant blasts. The record’s raw riffs drip with menace and venom, but ‘No Choice’ has more on its mind than the next circle pit.”

Adds the band, “‘No Choice’ says it all; clear and concise. Chaos, desperation, grief, and where one chooses to reside in the midst of it all. The fight to survive turns a blind eye to morality. Will you choose to live or die?”

Hear “No Choice,” courtesy of Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

Black Candles And Gutter Scum will be self-released digitally. For preorders, visit the official PALE MISERY Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION. Check out previously-released singles “The Only Cure” and “Hope Is A Mistake” below.

A sonic ambush of second wave black metal and filth-infused crust emerges from the dying earth. Droning riffs poisoned in depression and drenched with violent distortion devour any dismal sense of hope. Out of time and out for blood, PALE MISERY crushes all that crawls with a devotion.

Starting as a duo, bassist Thorn Letulle and drummer Garret Cantu set the groundwork for what was to become PALE MISERY. Initially un-ordered chaos, the sound found structure with the early arrival of guitarist Jacob Neu. Solidified in their vision, the three went on to write, record, and produce Black Candles And Gutter Scum.

Captured over a period of two weeks, the majority of the album was self-recorded in the band’s home studio while drums were recorded in a wood shop. With the mission to capture the harmonic richness and dynamic performance of the band, atypical techniques were drawn upon; vintage methods paired with modern gear, along with Letulle’s custom built speaker cabinets.

Lulled into a false sense of calm, foreboding drones give way to hard hitting blackened crust. The unrelenting energy of the tracks coupled with a massive atmosphere coalesce into blood chilling doom that sends the soul to the void. PALE MISERY leaves nothing on the table for their first release with its conclusion leaving one begging for more.

“…crust-fuzed subgenres, whether they cross into the territory of black metal, hardcore, or sludge, are not shy in expressing that life is not all burritos and strippers – where matters diverge is what the artist chooses to do about it.a For PALE MISERY, the appropriate response is not to cower, but rather, seek revenge: the trio’s debut album Black Candles nd Gutter Scum channels this bloodlust through a cock-fight of unnerving samples and sweat-drenched warfare…” – Invisible Oranges