OVERDOSE SUPPORT: Finnish Noise Rock Outfit To Release Try Dying Debut LP Via Kaos Kontrol; “Healthy Self-Love” Playing At New Noise Magazine + Preorders Posted


Stream and share OVERDOSE SUPPORT’s “Healthy Self-Love” HERE.

Finnish chaos brigade OVERDOSE SUPPORT has completed the outfit’s proper debut album, Try Dying, with plans of unleashing the LP through diverse/experimental label Kaos Kontrol in September. The band and label have partnered with New Noise Magazine to unveil the album’s first single, “Healthy Self-Love,” as preorders and album details are issued.

OVERDOSE SUPPORT was forged by a crew of musicians who also share their time in Dark Buddha Rising, Sokea Piste, Baxter Stockman, Katakombi, and other acts. Within this belligerent sect, the members coalesce their energy into a hammering blend of noise rock obsessed with the ills of society and the self. No stone will be left unturned to discover the seediest filth and imaginative form of self-abuse out there, all the while maintaining a steady rock’n’roll groove only disturbed by razor sharp electronics.

Following two prior cassette EPs — Drink & Drive (2014) and Babylon Healthcare System (2015) — OVERDOSE SUPPORT‘s thundering Try Dying LP comes raging forth, delivering eight new tracks in a twenty-six-minute melee. The prolific sounds of acts like the Dead Kennedys, Drive Like Jehu, and classic AmRep tones cultivated by early Unsane, Cows, and The Jesus Lizard, and others crash with the crossover/punk experimentation of modern acts like Child Bite, Arabrot, and Okkultokrati. Try Dying was recorded in February-March 2017 by Markus Leminen and mastered by Saku Tamminen, then completed with bizarre artwork by Heikki Hautala.

With the release of “Heathy Self-Love” the band issues, “The song is about Mr. Mirror Hero. He loves his own ideas, his own body shape and his own hat collection. Mr. Mirror Hero loves to take advantage of the people around him. Those who are working for Mr. Mirror Hero are known as recyclable pieces of ham.”

Stream and share Try Dying‘s second track, “Healthy Self-Love,” at New Noise Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Kaos Kontrol will release Try Dying on September 15th through all digital platforms and LP in a run of 350 copies on black vinyl with a full-color sleeve and digital download coupon; find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Stand by for additional audio leaks, OVERDOSE SUPPORT tour dates, and more to be issued shortly.

Overdose Support cover
Try Dying Track Listing:
1. Think For Yourself Infection
2. Healthy Self-Love
3. Wastoid
4. Welcome Gift
5. Restarting
6. Hidden Genetalia
7. Oxygen Overrated
8. Thumburine