One of the finest bands of the German Pagan metal scene, BLACK MESSIAH, is back, and the new album from the warriors is out now in North America via AFM Records. Dubbed The Final Journey, the fifth full-length from the band is the second ‘Ruhr Vikings’ concept album following in the tradition of their 2009-released First War Of The World, and showcases BLACK MESSIAH playing more diverse and greater epic metal than ever. Heroic choruses collide with bitterly cold atmospheres, all layered with the folk instrumentation in the customary BLACK MESSIAH pagan metal fashion.

For the powerful album opener “Windloni” — which showcases these amazing new stylistic upgrades to the BLACK MESSIAH sound perfectly — a video was filmed, evoking the legendary character in the tale to life:

The Final Journey Track Listing:
1. Windloni
2. Der Ring mit dem Kreuz
3. To Become A Man
4. Into The Unfanthomed Tower
5. Feld der Ehre 2012
6. Lindisfarne
7. Prologue – The Final Journey
8. Mother Hel
9. On Board
10. Sailing Into Eternity

Folk metallers LYRIEL‘s fourth full-length album Leverage is out now in North America via AFM Records. As the album title may imply, the new compositions by the German act are more powerful than before – without going too far astray from the band´s trademarks and roots.

It was never easy to label LYRIEL´s music; their mix of Celtic rock, gothic metal, folk and alternative influences has a unique touch to it. With Leverage they stay true to their tradition of reinventing themselves with each release. The album is varied, melodic and despite new influences and a bit tougher stance, typical LYRIEL. Singer Jessica Thierjung´s voice combined wtih the band’s use of violin and cello produce the band’s special atmosphere. With stronger guitar and drum work this time around, LYRIEL are relying less on the use of synth and letting the actual instruments take over.

Leverage Track Listing:
1. When It´s Coming To An End
2. Leverage
3. Parting
4. Voices In My Head
5. The Road Not Taken
6. White Lily
7. Aus der Tiefe
8. Wenn die Engel Fallen
9. Side By Side
10. Repentance

German electro rockers STAHLMANN have released their second album, Quecksilber, via AFM Records. Not only due to their unique appearance, STAHLMANN have become a hallmark of the German rock scene, representing a new generation of hard, German music which began in the mid 90s with pioneers like Die Krupps and Oomph, a formula that was brought to perfection several years later by Rammstein.

To see the people as cold, steely machines that function in their daily lives and hide their emotions, is a perspective that scene pioneers Kraftwerk have been projected on our society. Founded in 2008, STAHLMANN pour this vision into their own personal artistic blast furnace, melding it into their bitter industrial sound, driving rhythms and catchy Gothic-intense melodies, yielding an alloy the ban can call their own craft. STAHLMANN worked with highly-acclaimed Jose Alvarez Brill to construct Quecksilber, the producer well-known for his productions with Wolfsheim and Blutengel.

Quecksilber Track Listing:
1. Engel Der Dunkelheit
2. Spring Nicht
3. Tanzmaschine
4. Asche
5. Mein Leib
6. Am Grunde
7. Goetter
8. Schmerz
9. Diener
10. Tanzmaschine (Club Remix)