OOZEPUS: Coffins-Offshoot Confirms Liaison With Domestic Genocide

Domestic Genocide has signed a pact with Tokyo-based, OOZEPUS, welcoming the trio to their ever-morphing society of auditory sickness.

Uchino, of Japanese doom lords, Coffins, initiated OOZEPUS in 2012, in order to re-examine his earlier roots as Compromise You Need — the band previous to Coffins in the mid-’90s — was forged in the more industrial/death tradition of Godflesh, Dead World and Skin Chamber. Taking on vocal and guitar duties, he recruited fellow Coffins-mate Satoshi on drums, and bassist/vocalist Ohkubo of Linekraft and Albiorix Requiem, the band began crafting this elder template into a new design.

OOZEPUS released their first recordings earlier this year in the form of a three-song demo issued through Three Plugs Records/Pagan Result, the material displaying a bruising, hypnotic metallic style comparable to early Swans, Godflesh, Scorn and no wave with a molten, organic persuasion. The potent demo caught the ear of American-based Domestic Genocide (Cerna, Akris, etc.) who contracted the outfit to join the label roster.

More missives on future OOZEPUS plans and releases will be available shortly.