OMMADON: Fifth Full-Length From UK Drone Duo Out Today Via Domestic Genocide; New Track Streaming At Cvlt Nation

UK drone/doom duo, OMMADON, today drops their sonically devastating new full-length, V, stateside via Domestic Genocide Records.

OMMADON aims to achieve sonic annihilation of the self in their perpetual quest for heaviness. The fifth effort from the pair, both ex-members of Snowblood, continues their quest. Boasting two monolithic tracks of primal, sonic oppression, V clocks in at nearly ninety chest-caving minutes, its rawness creating a truly unsettling and downright claustrophobic atmosphere, enough to drain you of your spirit and tarnish your soul. V was executed and recorded live by OMMADON on The Hill Of Maud in the Scottish Highlands over the winter of 2012/2013. Split across four sides of vinyl, the 180 gram double LP was mastered by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Eyehategod, High On Fire etc.) and worships at the altar of Teeth Of The Lions Rule The Divine, Sunn O))), early Earth, and all things decibel-challenging. David Tobin (guitars) and Ewan Mackenzie (drums, keyboards) are adept at cultivating colossal stockades of noise, as their thick, crushing sound makes full use of impossibly weighty drones and riffs that feel almost infinite. The pace is impressively slow, the dynamics building from the shifting harmonics in the distortion. Riffs are clawed down from the moon and ooze through the amp at a glacial rate. Huge, almost dub-like chasms loom out of the haze, while the drums dash to and hither, perilously close to collapse into the abyss, but then taking off at tangents to the edge.

In celebration of its release, Cvlt Nation spews forth “V2” in its soul-rupturing near-forty-minute entirety noting, “The stars sing when they burn, and the earth hums when it moves – but their voices are unimaginably massive and crushing, drones that would wash your puny flesh from bone if you could actually hear them. If you want a taste of this universe music in the human hearing range, check out the UK’s OMMADON who create music to lull you into a trance and then crush your skull.”

Get crushed, courtesy of Cvlt Nation, at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, sample “V1,” still streaming at Terrorizer Magazine HERE.

V is out today North America via Domestic Genocide Records. Order your copy at THIS LOCATION. Additionally, V is available in the UK via Dry Cough Records HERE, and in the Netherlands via Burning World Records HERE.

“You can bet your favorite Sunn O))) picture disc on this thing sounding heavier than a dying planet…” –Terrorizer

“…if you can zone out and daydream your way into the music, worming your way between the frequencies, there is something very primal to latch on to here.” – Blog Of Putrefaction

“…like trying to imagine your own burial under the Himalayas.” – Echoes And Dust

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