OMEN ASTRA: Progressive Post-Metal Trio Joins Hypaethral Records Roster; The End Of Everything LP Coming This May + New Track Streaming

Hamilton, Ontario progressive post-metal trio OMEN ASTRA have joined forces with Toronto, Ontario based Hypaethral Records for the release of their crushing debut LP, The End Of Everything. The six-track offering is set for a Spring 2023 release, with record labels Protagonist Music (US) and Moment Of Collapse (Europe) joining in to share release duties.

OMEN ASTRA draws from the atmosphere of post-metal and the crushing weight of sludge, pushing far past the boundaries of those subgenres to create something dark, expansive, and wholly unique. Like a modern mandala, OMEN ASTRA transports its listeners into a trance-like state, awash in the universality of heaviness.

The first single from The End Of Everything, “False Gods,” is streaming now on Bandcamp and all major platforms. An exploration into the vastness of heavy music that blends the complexity of Gojira with the detuned sludge of Sumac, vocalist Christopher Gray (ex-The Black Maria, New Day Rising) transitions seamlessly from guttural screams to aethereal melodies reminiscent of David Bowie making for a juxtaposition of the grotesque and the beautiful that will stick with you long after you listen.

Stream “False Gods” via YouTube HERE or Bandcamp HERE.

Stay tuned for preorders and additional track teasers from The End Of Everything to be unveiled in the coming weeks.​​