OBELYSKKH: German Doom Crew Streams Third LP Via Terrorizer

Germany’s punishing and psychedelic doom crew OBELYSKKH is this week victorious upon the release of their third LP, Hymn To Pan. The band’s organic, sonic tsunami continually morphs into something new and more memorable with each release, and building on what they’ve cultivated on their heralded Mount Nysa debut and last year’s follow-up White Lightnin’, OBELYSKKH have truly shown what they are fully capable of on their pending third LP, Hymn To Pan.

This week a stream of the entire Hymn To Pan experience is playing via Terrorizer AT THIS LOCATION.

Since 2008, OBELYSKKH has held a solid reputation within their respective scene, each album delivering a more intense and expanded take on their visionary practices. Recorded by the band directly subsequent to their White Lightnin’ album, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Nails, High On Fire, Integrity), Hymn To Pan showcases this quartet on an entirely new musical plateau, integrating more psychedelic influences and laying out their most advanced material to date, with six enormous tracks which test the boundaries of modern media at a massive one hour and eight minutes of otherworldly contemporary doom rapture.

Hymn To Pan is out now in Europe and pending release this Tuesday, September 24th on the North American plate, delivered in several consumable formats including CD, digital and a massive 2xLP pressing.

“Obelyskkh plumbs the depths of psychedelic doom in a markedly witchy way, as their new album Hymns to Pan makes brazenly apparent. They channel the hypnotic drug drones of Saturnalia Temple far more often than any other “stoner doom” clichés, and there’s plenty of lightened-up Electric Wizard worship lurking in the clean vocals and generously distorted riffs.” – Pitchfork

“…a delectable slab of burly, skull smashing doom with enough psychedelic flourishes to satisfy even the most couch bound bong aficionado.” – Terrorizer

“Some doom records sound quite low-key and almost serene as they creep under your skin and into your flesh, whereas others smash you over the head like a stone from Stonehenge toppling onto your cranium – huge, heavy and painful but, unlike having your head literally crushed, in a good way. German band Obelyskkh certainly fall into the latter category…” – This Is Not A Scene