NOCTEM: Credo Certe Ne Cras Full-Length From Blackened Death Metal Outfit Out TODAY On MNRK Heavy!

Preview and purchase NOCTEM’s Credo Certe Ne Cras HERE.

Credo Certe Ne Cras, the latest studio offering from Spanish blackened death metal goliaths NOCTEM, is out TODAY on MNRK Heavy!

Credo Certe Ne Cras – meaning “I Believe With Certainty That There is No Tomorrow” — is a true master opus merging the crushing cacophony of angry, adrenaline-fueled lust with newfound sorrows and mournful melodic might. More than a mere listen, the album is a cerebral experience invoking ritualistic examination. In spirit, presentation, and philosophy, NOCTEM shares much in common with Watain, Rotting Christ, Belphegor, and Gorgoroth, while growing their own decaying branch of a wretched metal tree.

Metal Injection lauds, “a nonstop onslaught of fiery blasts and throat-shredding screams,” BrooklynVegan hails the band’s inherent “pure black and death metal fury,” while No Clean Singing writes in their first impression of the track “We Are Omega,” “The vocals are shattering in their intensity too, yet there’s also a sweeping, cascading quality to the music, which magnifies the scale of its feelings of tension and distress, and roots it even deeper in the mind.”

Credo Certe Ne Cras is available on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats. Find order options at THIS LOCATION.

View NOCTEM’s previously released videos for “Credo Certe Ne Cras,” “We Are Omega,” and “I Am Alpha” at the band’s official Youtube page at THIS LOCATION.

Originating in Valencia, Spain, NOCTEM made their putrid presence felt with the rumble of 2002’s Unholy Blood demo. The God Among Slaves demo followed in 2007, building bloodthirsty anticipation for the band’s proper full-length debut, Divinity (2009), on Austria’s Noisehead Records. Metal Blade Records licensed Oblivion (2011) abroad, followed by a deal with Prosthetic Records, which issued Exilium (2014) and Haeresis (2016), a concept album centered on the Spanish Inquisition. (A special “rotten meat” scented LP edition of Haeresis sold all of its 666 copies in under a week.) The Black Consecration (2019) expanded NOCTEM’s themes of ancient civilizations and dark rites to encompass more of Beleth’s philosophy, previously outlined in his first book, 2017’s Codex Ante-Mortem, released the same year as the band’s homemade beer, A Cruce Salus.

In 2022 and beyond, NOCTEM takes a massive leap forward on their thorn-ridden path, armed with blackened faith and righteous fury, thirsty with unquenchable bloodlust, and prepared to conquer. They arise again without redemption, embracing the chaos of modern times and unafraid of fate…

 “…a nonstop onslaught of fiery blasts and throat-shredding screams… Blast it at a red light and at your next BBQ! Only the true can hang, anyway.” – Metal Injection 

“Credo Certe Ne Cras is a traditional blackened death metal offering, intertwining melodies with the blast beats and shrieked vocals. Anyone familiar with NOCTEM’s previous work, like 2019’s The Black Consecration, will immediately notice an upgrade in production quality.” — MetalSucks

“With their sixth album out now, NOCTEM may well reach a wider range of listeners. With their melodies, choirs and synth accompaniments, an infectious atmosphere that could be described as a mix of Dark Funeral and Rotting Christ.” – Rock Hard

“…six and a half minutes of pure black and death metal fury. It never lets up on the attack once; even the slightly slower, more melodic bridge is ferocious.” – BrooklynVegan on “I Am Alpha”

“It is an album that is vast and rich as well as being furious and intense and NOCTEM manages to mix these elements together in perfect unison and the results are breathtaking.” – The Razor’s Edge

“…a masterful offering done by a band who clearly have a deep understanding and vision behind their take on black metal. Letting yourself get lost in this abyss is a treat, and one that requires multiple listens to really grasp. Dig in.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

“The vocals are shattering in their intensity too, yet there’s also a sweeping, cascading quality to the music, which magnifies the scale of its feelings of tension and distress, and roots it even deeper in the mind. The video is a powerhouse experience too.” – No Clean Singing on “We Are Omega”

“NOCTEM succeeds in drawing their audience deeper and deeper into an ominous vortex of suffering, despair and resignation.” – Legacy

Beleth – vocals
Varu – bass
Voor – drums
Moss – guitars
Tobal – guitars