NIXIL: Decibel Magazine Premieres All Knots Untied Full-Length From Maryland Black Metal Collective; Record To Drop This Friday!

Photo by Shane K. Gardner

Maryland black metal cult NIXIL will unleash their All Knots Untied debut full-length this Friday, March 5th. In advance of its release, Decibel Magazine is currently streaming the record in its savage entirety.

Born on the cusp of the death of western civilization, NIXIL – featuring past members of Spectral Tombs, Tsepesch, Dagger Moon, and Corpse Light – is the expression of the deep existential frustration of four individuals in collaboration, wielding music and art as a powerful manifestation of strength in chaos and a defiant middle finger to the suffocating grip of a toxic and crumbling world.

Elaborates the band of their impending All Knots Untied offering, “The album is at once a poetic attempt to relate to the unrelatable, a documentation of personal processes of initiation highlighting changes and new understandings in the advancement of Gnosis, and a resounding ‘fuck you’ to the creator/jailer/creation that seeks to keep us enslaved to it’s whims of hubris.”

Adds Decibel Magazine, “Baltimore’s NIXIL seeks to delve into the very concept of liberation as it relates to our place within the cosmos and creation. They do this using black metal as an expressive vehicle to capture what words often fail to describe. For anyone looking to join them on this journey, their new album All Knots Untied should be of interest.”

Stream NIXIL’s All Knots Untied, exclusively at Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released videos for “Deaths Of Our Own Design” HERE and “May This Flame Flicker Out” HERE.

Recorded and mixed by J. Robbins (Clutch, The Sword) and mastered by James Plotkin (SunnO))), Thou, Electric Wizard), All Knots Untied is a manifestation of chaos, rage, strength, and despair. Across six sordid psalms, NIXIL spews forth a swirling alchemical cocktail of varied sources, creating a sound from which one might be reminded of the weirder side of Mayhem, the atmospheric expansiveness of French avant garde black metal a la Blut Aus Nord or Glorior Belli, and the moody, gothic depression of Bethlehem, connected by a powerful, driving rhythm in the filthy spirit of crust punk and tinged with occult psychedelia.

All Knots Untied will be released digitally. For preorders, visit the NIXIL Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

NIXIL is seeking label support for a vinyl edition of All Knots Untied. Interested parties are encouraged to contact

“As the vocalist expels the lyrics in the barbed-wire shrieks of an enraged goblin, the music repeatedly changes, delivering beleaguered slithering melodies backed by skull-busting drum strikes and ominous fanfares of sound over vehement pounding percussion, but also veering into paroxysms of blasting and unhinged riff-fever, as well as head-long rhythmic gallops and bursts of jabbing, head-moving, heavy metal chords laced with skittering leads and gut-punching bass tones.” – No Clean Singing

“…the band delivers melodic, hard-working, punishing sounds on their debut All Knots United. They ideally enter a world in chaos unlike any we’ve witnessed in our lifetimes, as their music can act as a violent tearing off a rotting bandage to makes us more weathered to survive the hell in which we’re hopelessly drowning.” – Meat Mead Metal

“…this bears palpable ominous qualities as well a chilling vocal presence. Rhythms are varied; ritualistic cavernous to those of the type to please individuals whose wardrobes proudly feature battle vests and a variety of studded arm adornments. A fantastic conclusion to an album which… will seep into the senses and is likely to become a highlight in frequent playlists. – Scratch The Surface on “Unimpeded By The Weight”