TAXI DRIVERTaxi Driver Records is an independent label based in Genova, Italy. Forged in 2009 from Taxi Driver Webzine and the Taxi Driver Independent Record Store, the label was originally focused on the local underground scene and now embraces an extended community of stoner, doom, heavy psych, metal, black metal, ambient, drone, sludge and hardcore from Italy and beyond. Earsplit PR is very pleased to represent their eclectic roster in the coming months. Recent Taxi Driver releases include:


FABIO CUOMO: La Deriva Del Tutto LP – The first solo album by Eremite/Mope drummer Fabio Cuomo is a true sonic journey. With La Deriva Del Tutto, the multi-instrumentalist and composer fuses ambient, psychedelia, drone, classic, progressive, post, and kraut rock into something truly otherworldly. La Deriva Del Tutto boasts two long tracks, recorded and mixed by Fabio Palombi at Black Wave Studio in Genova, Italy and mastered by Alessandro Vanara. The record was unveiled on vinyl late this past January in two limited variations: 100 copies on smoke grey vinyl with handmade screenprinted art print by Jessica Rassi (The Giant’s Lab) and 200 copies on standard black vinyl. Check out the record at THIS LOCATION.

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MORGENGRUSS: Morgengruss LP – MORGENGRUSS manifests slow and distant soundscapes; something suspended amidst folk, drone, and psychedelia where its spiritual approach is predominant. It is an inner journey, a challenge, a conquest made of emotions, memories and meditations. The connection between the spirit and nature follows dark paths but often inclined to hope and drawn to shades of light. Morgengruss is an atmospheric work that may bring to mind Steve Von Till’s Harvestman project, Earth, Six Organs Of Admittance, Grails, and more bucolic Popol Vuh. American photographer Alison Scarpulla, who’s worked with Wolves In The Throne Room and Master Musicians Of Bukkake among so many others provided three of her striking photos perfectly matching the atmospheres of the record. Sample Morgengruss at THIS LOCATION.


VIVIENNE THE WITCH: Shadowbox – Greta Fuso, Lucrezia Peppicelli (Vespertina), and Caterina Fuso are three Italian young girls with a penchant for ’90s alternative rock. Think Hole, Babes In Toyland, L7, with a pinch of post rock a la Battle Of Mice. The trio’s debut, Shadowbox, is a rough grunge jewel recorded by Alessio Rosi and Simone Lanari at Casaohm Recording in Cortona, Italy, and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi (Lento, Ufomammut, Zu). The record was issued in March of this year and can be heard at THIS LOCATION.


RAMACHANDRAN: MarshmallowRAMACHANDRAN is garage/stoner/hard rock power trio from Tuscany, Italy made up of guitarist Andrea Ricci, drummer Andrea Torrini ,and vocalist Sara Corso. Boasting an unapologetically direct sound, with a genuine tongue-in-cheek punk rock attitude, imagine Debbie Harry singing for the Eagles Of Death Metal with the boorishness of Valient Thorr. Their debut album, Marshmallow, is focused on a concept of the how human brain operates. Lyrics explore the world of neuroscientific experiments, the social strategies of mind control, and various other psychiatric/neurological theory. The band’s name itself refers to Indian neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and his work in behavioral neurology and visual psychophysics. Marshmallow was recorded and engineered at Orfanotrofio Recording Studio, Lorenzana (Pisa, Italy) by Niccolò Mazzantini and Fabio Fantozzi. The CD was released by Taxi Driver Records in February of this year and can be streamed at THIS LOCATION.


VANESSA VAN BASTEN: La Stanza Di Swedenborg LP – VANESSA VAN BASTEN was considered a point of reference of Italian shoegaze/post rock. The band was based in Genova until frontman Morgan Bellini returned to his birthplace in Trieste. He disbanded the project last year. Taxi Driver reissued their 2006 masterpiece La Stanza Di Swedenborg on vinyl last year alongside their last EP Disintegration. Elaborated Bellini of La Stanza Di Swedenborg, “La Stanza Di Swedenborg (The Room of Swedenborg) was very poorly recorded. Only 500MB of RAM available, laptop fan causing audio feedback, low quality instruments, no drummer or amplification. I wrote those tracks for myself, as background music for my thoughts and meditation. It sounds like many other albums of its generation, but for me and Stefano it has been our way to unleash our imagination, in a period when playing heavy and with positive vibes was still possible at the same time. This remaster gave new birth also to the terrific feedback solo by Claudio Parodi at the end of the album. ‘Giornada De Oro’ and the second part of ‘Floaters’ are the moments I personally prefer, however vinyl format will avoid you to skip tracks! In my opinion, here you can find something more than huge rumbles and thunders of faraway hurricanes. I see a sparkle, a true burst of light. It is dedicated to those years in Genova and to all people who like to imagine a movie while listening to music, comfortably (or uncomfortably) sitting in the Room of their mind.” For fans of Jesu, Nadja, Isis, Pelican etc. Check it out at THIS LOCATION.


VANESSA VAN BASTEN: Disintegration Ten-Inch EP – This special limited Cure covers record was issued via Taxi Driver in January of 2015. The record was captured in Trieste, Italy by Bellini between January and February 2014, mastered by Victor Garcia at Ultramarinos in Costa Brava, Spain, and comes adorned in a painting by Jessica Rassi (Mope). Said Bellini of the offering: “The Cure’s Disintegration is one of the greatest albums ever. Making cover versions from this album has been VANESSA‘s secret dream for many years. Now four of these covers have been released, evocative, heavy and atmospheric as usual, with the great help of drummer Francesco Valente (Il Teatro degli Orrori) and other special guests like F. Candura (Jennifer Gentle) and L. Fragiacomo (The Butterfly Collectors). Mankind doesn’t make music anymore. It’s time to replay old music without shame!” VANESSA VAN BASTEN (neither a Dutch singer nor the wife of a famous football player) was born in Genova, Italy, in 2005 as a one-man band. Founded by Bellini, a DJ at the time, VANESSA was immediately acclaimed by critics since the release of the first self-titled demo. Disintegration marks the tail end of ten years of great music and releases. Following its release, Bellini announced that the project would take an indefinite break after its release. Hear Disintegration at THIS LOCATION.

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