New Jersey Folk Metal Horde WINDFAERER Post New Tracks

New Jersey folk metal horde WINDFAERER — M. Gonçalves [Vocals, Guitars, Bass], JP Andrade [Percussion] and Valèek [Violin] — recently posted two new tracks to their official MySpace page.

“These Walls (Frozen In Time)” and “This Beautiful Death” (which features bagpipe work by Sevan Kirder, formerly of Eluveitie) come off the trio’s debut full-length, Tribus. Check out the tracks here: Tribus was recorded and mixed at Frightbox Recording (Clifton, NJ) by Bobby Torres and follows the band’s two-song demo Glorybound, released last year to mass underground accolades.

Said main songwriter Goncalves of the new tunes: “Tribus is in essence a collection of everyday themes set in a time of Iberian legend. The songs touch upon rebellion against Romans in ancient Hispania and Lusitania, expansion to new lands, as well as voyaging into the unknown. I’m excited about the way everything sounds and how it all came together. I’ve had this vision for a while and it’s almost euphoric to be able to finally realize it!”

Further details on Tribus to follow shortly…

Download the Glorybound demo here:

“I will summarize the work of WINDFAERER with a word: perfect!” – Pest Webzine

“If you were to hear Glorybound without knowing who the band was you would be taken aback, and never would you realize that this is a band so early on in their career. Expect big things from the very impressive new band!” 8.5/10 – Evil Inquisition

“WINDFAERER may make a name for themselves in the Pagan metal genre, and you may want to check them out.” – Metal Flows In My Veins

“The folk-inspired metal scene is at bursting point, so is there really room for another band in that genre? Well, with WINDFAERER, the answer is a resounding yes.” – Zero Tolerance