New From Candlelight’s Cult Series: C R O W N, VOICES and NONEXISTENCE

Release Date: June 18, 2013

Hailing from France, C R O W N are two men and a machine who tune their neutron guitars to the Richter scale, and deliver the sound of a molten universe collapsing. Touching on early Isis, Godflesh, Floor and even Killing Joke, C R O W N explore the depths of slow tempos through sheer exuberant heaviness.

The duo’s depth-charging guitars and buried melodic tendencies on latest offering, Psychurgy, snake around hissing electronics, a tribal/military percussive thwack, and the splashing cymbals of a minimal-yet-completely-effective drum-machine. Their sound is further emboldened by a massive bestial roar, heavy and oppressive, leading to an abyss of nothingness…. C R O W N‘s Psychurgy is dark, spiralng, and obscure and a music trip you won’t soon forget.

From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain
Release Date: Out Now!

The full-length debut from England’s VOICES redefines extreme metal. Featuring former members of Akercocke, From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain is a towering, avant-garde journey centered around the inability to empathize and communicate human emotion, sexual isolation, self hatred and a crude grasp of music theory. The album finds frenzied 360BPM blast beats set amongst crippling guitars and desperate vocals metal away to melancholic beauty. Expect the unexpected!

Founded in 2011 by Peter Benjamin (bass), David Gray (drums), and Sam Loynes (keyboards), VOICES locked themselves into London’s Legacy Studios late 2012. The result is 55 minutes of daring, experimental metal that is hypnotic yet disturbing – a perfectly imperfect sound to welcome the end of creation, the end of the human and the end of music…

Release Date: Out Now!

Antarctica is the second album from Austria’s NONEXISTENCE . The creation of vocalist/guitarist Philip Santoll, Antarctica features Finnish multi-instrumentalist and FME Awardee Tuomas Saukkonen (Black Sun Aeon). Combining the desolated gloom and intense majesty of both doom and black metal with a lyrical concept of voidness in many forms, the music of NONEXISTENCE is the soundtrack to darkness, solitude and emptiness in both cosmological scales and personal dimensions. Opulent soundscapes between slow motion and blast beats, a haunting bleakness devoid of compare. Freezing walls of guitars, epic leads, atmospheric layers of keyboards and versatile fierce vocals from ultra low to piercing high create a musical symbiosis of its own: Cosmic Doom Black Metal.