New And Exciting Things To Come From Neurot Recordings!

Neurot Recordings is making some big changes. We’re super excited to announce we’ll be launching a brand new website before the end of the year.

We’re making changes to not only the look, but the functionality of the entire website. The store will be undergoing MAJOR improvements: stock will be updated much more consistently, the ordering process will become much simpler for everyone, and tracking information will be available online.

As many of you have noticed, our store is running low and out-of-stock on many items. This has been in anticipation of the upcoming changes, and will be remedied soon. Regrettably, the webstore will be completely unavailable for a brief period during this process. We anticipate no more than a one-week period, but during that time, no items will be able to be purchased from the store. We apologize, but we promise when the site is finished and the new store launches, it will be MUCH improved. Please stay tuned for more information soon. We will let everyone know ahead of time before the temporary store shut down takes place… and as soon as it’s back up, though no date is set yet.

We couldn’t be more excited for the forward motion, and we hope that this helps everyone get what they’re looking for much easier. Fans will have easy access to regularly updated news with the ability to link to RSS Feeds, Facebook, and Myspace right from our website. Also, updated MP3s for each album will be added, each band’s Artist information page will be updated with bios and photos, and tour updates will be much easier for everyone to access! For those of you trying to find press information like hi-res photos for each of our bands, those will be much easier to find too.
During this whole transition process, you may notice some things not working on the website. If you have any problems, you can contact with questions.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this re-launch of our website. And thank you for your years of support. We look forward to providing you new and improved things very soon.

– Neurot Recordings Staff