NEUROSIS: European Tour Approaches; Band Confirms Stateside Show As Part Of NecronomiCon

NEUROSIS‘ sprawling European tour in support of their tenth LP Honor Found In Decay draws near, set to bring on the most intense touring schedule the band has embarked on in years, beginning in less than two weeks at the annual Hellfest in Clisson, France. While this year’s massive festival includes gargantuan headlining acts Kiss, ZZ Top, Danzig, Down, Morbid Angel, Twisted Sister and hundreds more, NEUROSIS will headline “The Valley” stage, with support from Sleep, High On Fire, Black Cobra, Pallbearer, Black Breath, Eagle Twin and others.

From there NEUROSIS will traverse the rest of the European continent for more than two weeks, bringing in special support acts in different regions including Dark Buddha Rising, Syndrome, Zatokrev, Terra Tenebrossa, as well as labelmates Amenra and Ufomammut on specific shows.

In addition to the European tour, NEUROSIS has confirmed a new stateside performance following their U.S. live actions in support of Honor Found In Decay late last year and in the beginning of 2013. The new show has been booked on August 24th in Providence, Rhode Island with support from Lustmord, the concert just one element of the city-wide NecronomiCon — a four-day convention exploring the works of H.P. Lovecraft and other past and present writers as an exploration of the intersection of science and art that lays at the foundation of the “Cthulhu Mythos” genre.

NEUROSIS Confirmed Summer 2013 Tour Actions:
6/21/2013 Hellfest – Clisson, France
6/22/2013 Trix – Antwerp, Belgium w/ Syndrome
6/23/2013 Substage – Karlsruhe, Germany w/ Amenra
6/24/2013 SO 36 – Berlin, Germany w/ Dark Buddah Rising
6/25/2013 Den Grå Hal, Christiania – Copenhagen, Denmark w/ Dark Buddah Rising
6/26/2013 Betong – Oslo, Norway w/ Dark Buddah Rising
6/27/2013 Byscenen – Trondheim, Norway w/ Dark Buddah Rising
6/28/2013 Bravalla Festival – Norköpping, Sweden
6/30/2013 Palladium – Warsaw, Poland w/ Terra Tenebrossa
7/01/2013 Lucerna Music Bar – Prague, Czech Republic w/ Terra Tenebrossa
7/02/2013 UT Connewitz – Leipzig, Germany w/ Terra Tenebrossa
7/03/2013 UT Connewitz – Leipzig, Germany
7/04/2013 Magnolia – Milano, Italy w/ Ufomammut
7/05/2013 L’Usine – Genf, Switzerland w/ Zatokrev
7/06/2013 Rote Fabrik – Zürich, Switzerland w/ Zatokrev
7/07/2013 Eurockeennes Festival – Belfort, France
8/24/2013 Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel – Providence, RI w/ Lustmord

It is said that great art has the power to take us outside of ourselves and bring us closer to ourselves simultaneously. Few bands have accomplished this rare feat on a more profound and consistent basis than NEUROSIS. For nearly three decades, their music has touched the hearts and minds of men and women seeking contact with something beyond the physical world, something intangible, something that expresses the inner tumult of the human condition in a way that transcends time and space. Something that not only provokes questions but maybe even hints at answers

Since 1985 this matchless force has surpassed the boundaries of any genre, never ceasing to mutate and progress their songwriting and sonic delivery, and never failing to mesmerize audiences both in the studio and onstage.

In 2012 NEUROSIS returned with the monumental release of their tenth studio album, Honor Found In Decay which went on to receive countless plaudits from the press on a global scale, and was positioned highly in end of year polls – reaffirming why NEUROSIS remain one of the most important heavy acts in existence. Their journey continues with these European tour dates in support of this vital album, and long do we hope their voyage continues into the future…

“Another spiritual journey into the very heart of mankind. Completely and utterly mind-blowing.” – Metal Hammer

“The most stunning aspects of’Honor Found In Decay come from Neurosis’ grasp of dynamics…as ever, in the hands of these uncompromising sorcerers, true heaviness can be as much about the directness as disorientation, and as much about the sinister rumble as an unearthly roar. 5/5” – Terrorizer

“Those who prefer their epics harrowing, their atmospheres apocalyptic and their metaphorical gut punches landed squarely on the emotional solar plexus will not be disappointed.” – Decibel

“…officially upped the ante for all the post-metal bands who ought to be paying these guys royalties for their patent on psychedelic purgation…” – Spin

“For 27 years, the members of Neurosis have demonstrated what metal can be and what it can aspire to: transcendent, cathartic, graceful, innovative.” – National Public Radio

“…doesn’t abandon the moody sprawl of the band’s last few full-lengths, but it does help restore urgency to an aesthetic that seemed in danger of growing soporific… It’s a record that proves these grizzled artisans still know how to flex their muscles.” – Pitchfork officialneurosis
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