NEGATIVE PRAYER: Decibel Magazine Streams Debut EP From Brutal D-Beat/Crust Duo Featuring Current/Former Members Of Chthonic Deity, VoidCeremony, Vastum, And More!

Photo by Sarah Nadine Lower

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming the eponymous seven-inch EP from Portland, Oregon-based brutal d-beat/crust duo NEGATIVE PRAYER in its brief but pulverizing entirety. The premiere comes in advance of the EP’s official unveiling, Friday March 10th, via a joint partnership with Carbonized Records and Seed Of Doom Records.

NEGATIVE PRAYER — guitarist/vocalist Kyle House (Decrepisy, ex-Acephalix, ex-Poison Idea, ex-Vastum) and drummer Charles Koryn (Chthonic Deity, Decrepisy, Funebrarum, VoidCeremony) — is a sonic exorcism of systemic violence, violation, and dehumanizing social conditioning ripping at the throat of a brutal system designed to traumatize, disempower, and exploit for profit and power. Bloody visions of internalized violence, rage, self-hate, and retribution pump through the heart of man-made machine. Behead the prophet. Dethrone the corporate. Vomit lies. Eat your fucking face off. Growled through fangs and bile spews the disgusted sentiment of a wounded animal going for the throat. This is NEGATIVE PRAYER.

Writes Decibel of the release in part, “Not a lot of light gets into the self-titled debut seven-inch by NEGATIVE PRAYER. Across three songs of punishing, death metal-infused D-beat, the duo build a monument to total negativity. The song titles – ‘Morbid,’ ‘Hell,’ and ‘Noose’ – will go a long way in helping you crack what’s going on here. These dudes aren’t fucking around. That’s not to say Negative Prayer is an especially tough sit; the songs are memorable enough to keep you pressing play again after each ten-minute burst of nihilistic dyspepsia subsides. The performances, especially House’s colorful stabs of lead guitar and Koryn’s pummeling fills, are deceptively sprightly for music this fixated on darkness…”

Read more and stream Negative Prayer exclusively at Decibel Magazine HERE.

The three tracks on Negative Prayer were recorded and mixed in Winter 2021 by Charles Koryn at Toadhouse Recording and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios with cover artwork by Ginelle Hustrulid. Fans of Driller Killer, Wolfpack, and the like pay heed.

Find North American preorders at Carbonized Records HERE or the Carbonized Bandcamp page HERE. Find European preorders at Seed Of Doom Records HERE or the Seed Of Doom Bandcamp page HERE.

“When House ends closing track ‘Noose’ with a disgusting, inhuman growl and a phlegmy ‘FUCKER,’ it provides the perfect exclamation point on the no-nonsense crust punk pounding that proceeded it.” – Decibel Magazine

“…a d-beat marauder, armed with abrasive slashing riffs, doses of percussive bashing, and bestial roars.” – No Clean Singing

Kyle House – guitars, vocals
Charles Koryn – drums