Nefarious Industries Label Guest DJ Special Comes To Gimme Metal Tomorrow

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in the coming year, Nefarious Industries will host a Gimme Metal Guest DJ Special tomorrow.

Nefarious Industries is an independent label and music collective extending its tentacles into far-flung regions of the musical spectrum. Currently operating out of Philadelphia, this home to crime, slime, and grime since 2010 plays host to an eclectic roster that includes Psychosomatic, Titan To Tachyons, Bangladeafy, Trillionaire, Oxx, Zevious, El Drugstore, A Fucking Elephant, and so much more. Immerse yourself in nearly two hours of the label’s sprawling and diverse catalog of artists with this guest DJ special from head honcho, Greg Meisenberg.

Gimme Metal’s Nefarious Industries guest DJ special airs tomorrow, Wednesday, April 14th at 2pm PT / 5pm ET, only at

Having steadily grown its family of eclectic artists and expanded its release output each year, the past two years have seen the label issue some of its most prolific releases yet. 2021 has already yielded new LPs from Trillionaire, Hiraki, and the Machinist!//Dead Hand split 10″, with the collaborative album from Gridfailure and Mac Gollehon nearing, and new records from Psychosomatic, Plum Green, Nequient, and so many more coming to fruition. Join the label’s ventures into 2022 for its 10th anniversary and watch for tons of new announcements to post in the weeks and months ahead.

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