NEF100: Burn After Hearing – Nefarious Industries LP Bears Exclusive Tracks By Fourteen Flagship Artists; New Singles By ARBOGAST, PSYCHOSOMATIC, FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY, And NEQUIENT Posted

New singles from PSYCHOSOMATIC, ARBOGAST, FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY, and NEQUIENT are the latest songs to be leaked preceding the NEF100: Burn After Hearing compilation nearing release on Nefarious Industries.

Nefarious Industries proudly celebrates 100 catalog releases with NEF100: Burn After Hearing, a collection of fourteen exclusive tracks that showcase the harrowing sonic landscape of the label’s eclectic roster. Originally founded as a collective of like-minded individuals seeking an outlet to release off-kilter music, Nefarious Industries has grown into a label that exhibits the most adventurous and challenging artists it can manage to locate.

NEF100: Burn After Hearing features new and exclusive songs from instrumental deviants and label co-founders EL DRUGSTORE, freshly reunited sludge thrashers ARBOGAST, D-beat technicians NEQUIENT, dissonant post-punk veterans RISK RELAY, and ambient/dark-hardcore alchemist GRIDFAILURE. The label is especially excited to resurrect long-dormant avant-garde metal ensemble THE DRX and hypnotic doom-jazz trio ZEVIOUS. The stacked track list also includes crossover thrash veterans PSYCHOSOMATIC breathing new life into a well-known classic, as well as fresh material from post-hardcore noise-mongers BEDTIMEMAGIC, esoteric riff-trippers GEMATRIA, ambient drone mastermind ZVI, garage/math rock duo FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY, art-jazz punks CINEMA CINEMA, and experimental grunge collective HUMANS ETCETERA. Each song on the comp is being individually released to all digital services over the next several months, each with its own single art in the theme of the comp’s overall look, and the album is also being pressed on multiple physical formats.

Mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves in NYC (Gorguts, Krallice, Dysrhythmia) who has handled mastering duties for an array of Nefarious Industries artists, the collage-style artwork of NEF100: Burn After Hearing was handled by Eric Nyffeler who is responsible for many of the label’s releases (East Of The Wall, A Fucking Elephant, El Drugstore, Maid Myriad, among others), and the layout was handled by label head Greg Meisenberg.

“Purgative” from Chicago sludge thrashers ARBOGAST sees the band making a powerful comeback with their first studio output in eleven years. The trio’s new single is a visceral blend of noise rock, thrash, and sludge metal, showcasing the band’s unique sound and raw energy. Guitarist Mike Scheid describes “Purgative” as, “A song that embodies the cathartic nature of music, emphasizing its role in helping individuals cleanse themselves of life’s burdens.” The track’s dark lyrics resonate with the band’s signature raw energy and introspective themes, a harbinger of new material to come in the near future.

Crossover thrash veterans PSYCHOSOMATIC kick new life into the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Green River.” Frontman Jeff Salgado writes, “We recorded this track in 2006 during sessions for The Unquenchable Thirst. It was a bonus track we never released, so we had the original engineer Joe Johnston from Pus Cavern in Sacramento remix it in 2023. We were big Creedence Clearwater Revival fans and wanted to try ‘Green River’ with a punk rock twist. Hope you all like it!”

“House Of 1000 Corners” is the new track from Shanghai-based garage/math-rock duo FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY who have also issued a live video for the song, recorded live at The Shrine. Guitarist/vocalist Christopher Henry elaborates, “Stubbing your toe fucking sucks, almost as much as birthdays! So, equipped with inspiration, we wrote ‘House Of 1000 Corners.’ It’s about a dude that stubs his toe in the middle of the night and then goes on a maniacal mission to rid his whole house of any and all corners. There’s just one problem, while cutting off one corner, our dude has actually made two! The lesson here is that sometimes when you try to eliminate problems from your life, you just end up with more problems. You’re better off accepting it and just being more careful next time. Try focusing on the positive aspects of your life instead of making more corners to kill yourself on.”

NEQUIENT’s vocalist Jason Kolkey writes of their new track, “‘Kimota’ is a track produced by Pete Grossmann and mixed by Sanford Parker during the sessions for our album Darker Than Death Or Night. This song combines elements of grind, crossover thrash, sludge, and noise rock to form a volatile, dissonant whole. The title and lyrics are inspired by the 1980s comic series Miracleman, written by Alan Moore, which is a revisionist update of a particularly derivative, cheesy British superhero from the 1950s. The lyrics recall a horrifying scene of mass destruction from Moore’s story and also touch on some of what he has to say about topics like power, corruption, human potential, and belief.”


NEF100: Burn After Hearing will be released on 12” vinyl – 150 on Black, 150 on Black Inside Transparent Red – plus six-panel digipak CDs and cassettes in runs of 100 each on June 14th. Preorders for all formats are live at Nefarious Industries HERE.

Watch for the remaining six tracks to drop between now and release date.

NEF100: Burn After Hearing Track Listing:
1. EL DRUGSTORE – Rural Ecstasy
2. THE DRX – Diamond Maker
3. ARBOGAST – Purgative
4. RISK RELAY – Intervention Undivine
6. PSYCHOSOMATIC – Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
7. ZVI – Twocelled
8. NEQUIENT – Kimota
9. GEMATRIA – Black Gate No. 1
10. BEDTIMEMAGIC – The Slumber Party (Part I)
11. GRIDFAILURE – Blades And Arson Instead
12. FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY – House Of 1000 Corners
13. CINEMA CINEMA – Nose-Level Collision
14. ZEVIOUS – Death Wind




NEQUIENT by Mike Rataj